Saturday, August 3, 2013

Common Measure

Sometimes I wonder about the state of things that we face here on Earth.  Well, not sometimes, but really nearly all the time.  Its not hard to see the horrors and the joyful things that go on day in and day out.  Viewing them all from a sense of curiosity these days, I try my best not to engage in either with too much of a sense of attachment or emotion.  Why, you might ask?  Why wouldn't I get mad and angry about this conspiracy or that "proven" (and I use that word very loosely), theory for this or that if I am a decent and loving human being on this Earth at this time?  Well, I believe that we engage in deeper emotions, primarily negative ones, when we don't understand the true framework of existence.  When I step back and I mean really far away and back from the egoism, the fight to be right and the loudly screaming proclamations of wrong, I see things quite differently than most.  I am not a pacifist but I'm no activist either.  I am not ambivalent and can say that it's hard to watch the hard things in life, the tough interactions of egos in action and the devastation and permanent collateral damage left in the wake of those seemingly so very unaware.  But, what if we just don't understand the roles we all came here to play at this particular point in time-space?

Physics has some interesting perspectives on a good number of things I find interesting.  Science too
holds interesting studies of presumed facts and figures.  Psychology and sociology hold even more
fascinating fulcrums of knowledge from observations, studies and even more facts.  Religions and spiritual pathways also hold some fascinating perspectives on a good number of things.   I could list every field of recognized and non-recognized aspects of academia or other bodies of knowledge and still I could not use any of these things to understand the framework within which I truly exist.  It is beyond what our learned languages here could define.  How do I come to know this?  How can I come to this perspective which is truly just another to throw into a sea of thousands and millions of perspectives proven time and time again as fact by the source observers?  I throw out every single thing that I have been taught by anyone or anything that stems from ego.  Sitting down in the stillness of the night, a quiet moment in the day and opening up my mind and my heart, I ask questions.  I get answers but I do not get them in words.  I do not get them in feelings that I could even begin to articulate for you.  The only thing that I can say and with those words I only greatly limit the fullness of the information that I have received.  It's simple and I've already really said it - we do not understand the framework within which we work and I mean the much larger and infinite framework within which existence exists.  Because I don't fully understand the framework in which I am operating, its hard for me to judge who is right and who is wrong, if I am right or I am wrong...if my perspectives are solid, whole and empirical or if anyone elses can be.  Everything under the sun can be defended voraciously and strenuously so along with a good sense of accuracy and validity stated from either side of this or that.  What if everyone was right in some way we didn't have the wits or capacity to understand?

No longer am I able to tolerate watching the news.  No longer can I engage or participate in discussions of judgment and hatred or the worshiping of this thing or that.  Observing my own thoughts and reactions as I go seeking meaning and understanding that goes beyond what we are taught by science, religion or anything else in this concrete seeming world is the only way I seem able to go.  To me, this all seems like a play we only write our own parts of the script within.  We don't know the scripts of others and we don't understand who or what produces and directs or if anyone or anything truly produces or directs anything at all.  The sense I get when I go within however, is that there is a Source and a Definitive Ultimate Truth that exists and we are tiny atomic particles reacting within that one Source and Definitive Ultimate Truth.  The greatest teaching is our own being is complete in the Oneness of all things.  The greatest understanding is to "feel" what that means. 

So then, I find that the only thing that brings me any true measure of peace or even the remotest measure of understanding at all is to just love every soul that exists whether or not I like or agree with them and their perspectives.  It's easy to find a common measure of respect and admiration for the perspectives and the beautiful souls that created them as they live within the framework of their own purpose and design.  I need blame no soul for this or that gone wrong because I see a greater design in the works even if I am unable to articulate why or how.  Knowing that I can only truly take accountability in this world for my own thoughts, my own emotions and my own actions is how I now function.  Realizing that  I can choose to participate in the problems of this world or in my own way, contribute to true and loving solutions is now my approach.  I can employ kindness and compassion for all regardless of station, regardless of acts, regardless of judgments I may have learned to hold along the way even if gained in a state of woeful lack of awareness.  I may not right the wrongs in this world that others hold as important but I am a being of energy and thought and even more important, love.  I can at least contribute that to this world, to this frame work and do so with much gratitude for the ability to hold love while walking through the middle of a chaotic seeming string of things, people and other energies that contribute to this little space in this tiny universe we inhabit.

Admiration is what I hold for each and everyone of you for living your truths, for forming your perspectives, for seeking the truth, for making mistakes large or small, for striving to learn, for holding love and contributing your own energies to the whole of our existence here in this time-space.  Thank you for being here and for contributing in whatever way supports your truest goal and purpose.  You are appreciated and loved regardless of frameworks, goals purpose or actions or even lack thereof. ~Blessings for a beautiful day.

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