Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Nothingness

I’m listening to the wind rustle the leaves in the tree outside my window.  It’s a quiet day, a sleepy day and a slow moving day.  These are the best days to me.  It gives me time to pause, check out from my regular activities and simply reflect.  

 As the leaves begin to fall from the beautiful tree outside of my window, I too realize all of the things I am selectively intending to let fall away.  I set this intention with great conviction and determination.  I will not fail.  Although I do not fear failure, in fact, I often embrace it and laugh when it finds me for it simply means I’ve another lesson to learn.  But this, now this is different.

Long gone are the days of striving for perfection, striving to be at the top of anything and struggling for better or best in my endeavors.  I no longer seek these things because I have learned they do not matter.  These are the things of my ego.  I love my ego and it makes me laugh so hard sometimes with it’s urgings.  But, you see, I’ve learned to quiet it at times at least long enough to hear the voice of my soul and spirit and that voice speaks to me of things infinitely more important.

It is difficult to make the shift from busy to quiet some times.  But, it is a most worthy endeavor if you can master it.  In those quiet and still moments, the peace of nothingness can permeate your very being.  Why strive for nothingness you might ask?  Well, because it helps me maintain my positive perspective in life.  It helps me to move through my days with more authenticity, and it makes me aware of the things I have created from the ego.  I see them and I’m aware.  That is what the nothingness brings me, awareness.  That awareness is the greatest gift of my entire life.

It doesn’t change my work or my routine or any of the things that I do but it changes the way I approach things, it changes the way I think about the things that I do and it gives me the ability to show myself a gentle love and kindness along with compassion that I could not see without those still and quiet moments of nothingness.

These moments can be gained in meditation, out walking in nature as you let your every day thoughts fall away or even an intentional mindful walk in the middle of a bustling city.  You can reach into this silence, this stillness and into the nothingness where all creation begins.  I’m off then to enjoy the quiet stillness of the day and reach into the nothingness that is everything to me for the solace it brings me.  Blessings of great peace and joy to you all. 

© 2015 Jaie (Deva) Hart (photo/words)

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