Sunday, November 8, 2015

In Human Relations is Memory a Gift or a Curse?


Sometimes I think the answer is both.  If you look back and recall a beautiful memory and it uplifts you, well I think then, that a memory can be a wonderful thing.  But what if our memories keep us trapped in a story that no longer belongs to today.  I could tell you of such stories in my life.  Some are tragic, some might make me incredulous if I fall too deeply into them and some would be absolutely unbelievable.  As I sit and consider some of the challenges in my own life, some things point back to memories.

Well, I wish to transform them right now with what I know.  I’ve become a yogi in training of late and am learning daily to see things differently.  I think my whole life I I have been in training for this moment and that, right there is the crux of my point.

We think the terrible and tragic things in our lives are punishment and proof of our unworthiness or worse, such things lock us into this victim thinking (now that is the real tragedy).  But think about this for just one moment.  How could you be the amazing and wonderful being and person that you are today were it not for those challenging occurrences in your life that polished your spirit and refined your character?  There is no punishment in that, only reward.

In order to transform from the effects of negative memories, we need only be willing to see the brighter side of the occurrence even if it seems does not exist.  You may have to dig through the rubble of an emotional experience to find the diamond of truth within the experience.  And, when you find that diamond, that light over-shines the shadow of a difficult experience.  You see we are here to experience and our memories are stored in order that we may recall our experience.  However, it is unwise if we wish to behold health mental status to live in the darkness of our memories.  Our stories do not begin with our memories.  Our stories begin in a much bright place than just that of our experiences and memories of them.

These things require one thing that I write in nearly every article I’ve written, every book and every philosophical conversation.  That one thing is this – Changing your perspective is key to your happiness, growth and success in life.  Are you willing to allow this beautiful light to enter into your life right now?  May you  are and maybe you’re not quite yet and that is okay.  Just understand how this works.  That’s all you need.  May your God or Goddess bless you on your journey.

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