Friday, November 27, 2015

Taking It In? Are You Sure You Want To Choose That?

It is a funny world that we live in some times.  We take certain things so seriously.  For example, someone may proclaim to any who will hear, their opinion of us, we learn of this and we take it in right to the core, through the inner veil of protection and then the sword has left its mark leaving us with nothing but anger, pain or feelings of incredulousness.  But you know, and I want you to know, it does not have to be this way.  Let me repeat this so you really, really get it…it does NOT have to be this way.

Let me explain.  There is no one who can completely define you in the outside world because they only ever experience a facet of you.  You are multifaceted, therefore, no one can take all of you in at once so nothing they say can truly define you.  Let those who would decry your evils from the mountain tops and choose not to take it in.  It isn’t you they are truly decrying.  It is that little part of themselves, more than likely, that they are truly upset with and projecting that onto you gives them the illusion of relief if only momentarily.

You see, no one is ever uplifted at the expense of someone else.  Oh, I know that it sometimes seems like that is the case.  But the reality is, it just isn’t true.  That person who gets a momentary lift by taking any sort of pleasure in your pain is either unfeeling or has issues. That has absolutely nothing to do with you.  So, let them cry and tell everyone about your wrongs.  It’s not you they are telling stories about.  You know you.  You know your story.  Stand in your own light with dignity, with much self- love and an infinite well of self-respect.  You know in the heart of the core of you these words I speak are truth even if your mind cannot yet fully wrap itself around this concept.

At some point you will become so tired of letting people get to you that you will just stop and move on.  You’ll learn to ignore them and live your life fully and with as much joy and happiness as possible and perhaps, your living life fully and with joy may as yet set an example for others to follow. 

It is hard to make that choice between taking it in and getting even with words or actions or deciding to walk off of an illusory battlefield.  But you do hold this power within you.  You do hold the power to stand tall in your own light.  So, I invite you to explore this concept. When next someone attacks you verbally, get still and quiet and feel what the center of your soul is telling you.  It will tell you if the words are true and if they are, well then you’ve just gained a great opportunity to learn a life lesson and change if you want to.  If it is telling you that what is being said is just rubbish, then don’t let it in, shrug it off and go about your life as the beautiful human being that you are.

Blessings of great courage, love, compassion, joy and happiness to you all.

© 2015 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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