Sunday, November 29, 2015

Seekers on the Path

Seekers on the path of spirituality often wonder how they are faring on the path, seek confirmation and validation of their progress.  If there is one thing that I’ve learned on the seeker’s path is that there is no validation, no confirmation and sometimes what might seem like down right obstacles to understanding.  But, before you get discouraged, let me tell you that THAT IS where the true testing and fun really begins.  Many of us seek this path to spirituality for answers about life, the truth or simply understanding our own existence.  We read, we take classes and we meditate upon puzzle after puzzle only to be left with, well, nothing.  Well, maybe not just nothing as there are some really cool things you learn about life in the process but if you’re not careful, those things become mere distractions.

As you continue the journey and get closer to the truth, you begin to realize you are truly seeking your own origins.  I don’t want to give it all away or spoil the fun too much because there is a lot to be learned in the journey on the path.  But nothing is more awe inspiring than our origins.  But when you sit down with that thought – origins – and query your own mind, these feelings start to rise and I’m not talking about emotion.  These feelings are the beginings of your greatest understanding – your greatest teachers.  You just need to learn how to translate these feelings.  They are not easy at first but become so over time and the more time you spend with those feelings in the quiet stillness of your own mind, the quicker you will understand.

One of the ways that you can learn to translate much better is to learn ways of honoring yourself, learning to be gentle with yourself and holding the absolute highest compassion for yourself for all you’ve done, how far or not you’ve come and what you have or have not yet learned.  When you begin to understand those rising feelings are messages to you from you it is easer to make a commitment to self-discovery and to commit to that self-discovery through whatever path calls to you most.  Maybe it is yoga, exercise, community interaction, classes, reading or whatever it is that calls to you.  These things that call to you do so for a reason and that is what you must pay attention to – the stuff going on inside of you.

Often times we must clear away many layers of negative environmental psychology before we can begin to understand the feelings, true feelings rising within us and that is perfect.  I suggest that you allow the process – your process to unfold as it is unfolding and that you not seek to jump ahead of where you are because every breath and step of the journey matters just as you matter.

In the end, you’ll be amazed at what you will begin to truly discover.  Life, light, love, infinite compassion and intensified understanding.  But then what?  Well, you just go on living your life being the best you that you can possibly be and yes, I mean learning to be authentically you and not just sometimes.  Authenticity is the secret key that unlocks many doors.  But you have to find out who you truly are from the inside out, not what the world or what someone else tells you that you are.  It won’t help you to have some one say you are a magical this or that until you discover it on your own without any interference.  Yes, there are many very good ways, courses and teachers that will help you but they’ll only point you within and that is good.  A good teacher won’t give you all of the answers but shine the light into the dark places you must go to find your answers.  This is a beautiful process and it will only truly cost you your fear and doubt.  Let them go, you need them not one bit.

So, should you be a seeker on the path, traversing it alone and on your own, know that you’ll find your way in perfect time.  You’ll also learn that you aren’t really alone, you only seem to be.  Call on your higher self in times of doubt or fear and go within for the answers and you will find them.  For now, I and the other teachers on the planet will hold a space for you, one of courage, love, compassion and light.  You’ll get to where you need to go and if you seem to fail?  So what!  Get up and start over again.  Dead-ends mean nothing.  Your quest to find you means everything.

Blessings of love and light.

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