Friday, June 1, 2012


Time, it’s such an interesting concept both within and outside of this frame.  Having experienced many occasions of being outside of time completely, I wonder about our experience of time within this frame.  Time seems to hold certain laws in common consideration.  However, we have evidence of time behaving differently such as in cases where our astronauts are propelled out into space by rockets speeding ever skyward on stellar expeditions and slight changes to their experience of time while ours back here on Earth remains unchanged.  I come back to thought within this frame work and cannot help but go immediately to perception.  Perception does not escape the law of time in this frame but it seems to at times.  I think back on the last 30 days.  Time seems to have accelerated at such a pace that I cannot believe how quickly the days have seemed to escape me.  But even though they may have seemed to escape, every single day of the last 30 days has been filled, at least within the frame work of my perception, with bliss for fleeting or long moments knit together.  Is it the state of bliss that transforms or affects to passage of time?  

I think back also to a simple event, meditation.  I had 15 minutes to meditate the other night and get free from this framework all together.  Within the time I was deep inside my own mind and being, I had two very long conversations.  One with someone I love very much in this life here incarnate and another with a dear angelic friend who is not incarnate at this time.  Both conversations by the laws within this framework, would have taken hours to complete and when I pulled myself out, I looked at the clock and saw that exactly 15 minutes had transpired.  How is it that I can have two-at least two hour conversations with two different souls on topics that I have fully realized the benefits of in every fiber of my being in only 15 minutes?  While in meditation, do we escape to a realm that is outside of time?  Is it just a perception?  If it is only a perception, how can I explain the volumes of information that within this frame would have taken several hours to take in?

If I go back to a premise of life, one that I hold dearly in that this, this life is only a dream, I think my questions start to make sense.  One thing I’ve noticed about dreams within this dream is that whole scenes of activity and information take place in the span of about 15-20 minutes, often, even shorter down to mere minutes.  However, the information taken in is beyond the time within this framework.  Within dreams we are outside of time in this physical frame work and we do not have the limits within our dreams that we have while dreaming in this larger dream we call life.  So, if the larger dream we call life is just a dream, then it would seem that time here is only a perception and it also is not limited by anything other than our thoughts.  Our perceptions can serve to slow our experience of time or can seem to cause it to speed up.

As we age within this larger dream of life, they say that time accelerates.  Within this framework the law of time lapse is as it is.  It does not change while we remain static but our perception can affect time at least in our own minds.  So, if our perception can break the barrier of this law of time in this frame based on our own thoughts and level of engagement within the dream, my mind immediately goes to what other concrete seeming laws can we change with mere thoughts?  Our perceptions are fueled by the energy of our emotions I now realize and that energy contains the stuff of creation for us to use either consciously or unconsciously to create as we wish for our own enjoyment (whether in the positive or the negative).  Can we really be so powerful?  Is this the divine aspect of our existence moving subtly under the cover of labels and rules that we somehow inflict upon ourselves?  Can you imagine the freedom of holding this perception?  Can you imagine the things we could do and learn and the lessons we could take in on a much grander scale?  Time can be distorted so for me, in many instances, the law of time does not exist.  

What about the limited laws of matter as we perceive them?  We think what we see is solid but when you break down those barriers in the study of physics, we learn that what we perceive as solid is really atoms and molecules vibrating more quickly or slowly forming our perceptions of matter.  If we could but understand how it is that we come to these agreements of perception, how might we change what we see into something we would really love to experience?  I don’t know the answers to my questions but I want to know and will look for ways in which I can experiment on my own for no other reason that the pure enjoyment of discovery.  I’m a natural rebel when it comes to rules at times and so my thoughts cannot help but roam through simulations and potential options for creating differently.  Simply put, I believe our perceptions expand or limit our experience in this dream and even dreams within the larger dream we call life.  Time is just one rule that is often broken…at least in our perception.  One conclusion I come to after these stretched and unscientifically proven mental meanderings is that perception itself is a tool for creation.   

Well, I must get myself off to work thinking of “time.”  My boss perceives that I should be in my office at my desk at the agreed upon time of 7:30 a.m.  Hmmmm, today of all days I wish I had the energy to manipulate that perception oh, say, for about 9 hours at least!  (giggles).  I hope this day that you all are enjoying the time of your lives.  Be blessed. (Forgive typographical and grammatical errors as I won’t have time to proof read until later.  I thought this was a fun topic so decided to post it unedited for now).

(c) 6/12 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find).

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