Friday, June 15, 2012

Indescribably Amazing

Life, with it's blazing array of colors, textures, scents and complexities is a whole lot more than we consider on most days.  It is no accident that we are here although some theories would like to postulate in prolific fashion otherwise.  If a soul were to sit very still and quiet for any length of time and let its energies expand outward into the proximity it finds itself and connect energetically to everything near it, it would have this resonating knowing deep within it that there is purpose to its existence.  There is nothing random about life at all.  Consider the sacred geometry that exists in plant life alone.  Can that really be an accident?  It's too pure and beautiful to be so in my mind but who am I to put such thoughts out there?  I am not college educated, I am not steeped in scientific knowledge nor do I profess to know the meaning of life.  What I am is comfortable in my own being and trusting of the knowing that comes from within my own soul.  If I forget completely about everything I've ever read, watched or learned...If I forget about the creation myths of religion and the various cultures around the world...If I forget all the counter-arguments about everything, my resonating knowing from deep within me remains steadfast and unchanged by anything ever written or told.  I'm satisfied with that.

When I step way back into the observer position and consider life, it is miraculously beautiful and perfectly designed.  Yes, I did say designed.  I do not believe with anything in me that we were an accidental coincidence of perfectly timed cells randomly introduced to extra terrestrial or terrestrial matter that some how evolved into what I see before me.  What I see before me when I look out into this world, backwards in time and even before me, I see a massive collaboration of cooperative agreements of and creation.  The cells within us self-create, our thoughts seem to self-perpetuate and well, there is us too and our ability to procreate.  Can this really be a random accident or convenient coincidence?  It's just to perfect and I just can't buy that.  You can show me all the scientific proof in the world, you can spell out for me all of the scientific facts, theories and postulations and you can even lay down at my feet all the religious texts in existence that are proof positive of creation and still, still I will not be swayed.  What I would see is nothing but provisional truth that cannot define nor change the real truth.

I may be completely crazy in my thoughts but one of the most important things I've learned in life is that I must immediately discount anything conveyed through man with an ego.  I don't mean to pick on gender.  I refer to both male and female of the species.  We are ill equipped to speak of anything without ego involved...even me so don't take my word for anything either.  I have come to trust my soul in my existence and its urgings and sensations more than any thought inside my head or any word that can be created.  My soul knows what my mind cannot.  There is a greater mind beyond the simple one we use to banter about ideas and egotistical notions.  This greater mind is the Source of all creation and yes, I do believe there was a Source that generated everything.  I find even the statement of "I believe" to be so limited in expression.  There is more to the sentiment behind those limited and simple words...there is this resonating knowing deep within my soul that goes beyond thought and my limited ability to reason with an ego that has been tainted by environmental psychology.  You can even analyze and consider that it must be some deep psychological need in me to believe in something bigger than myself and that I'm ignorant or misinformed for not buying into all of the things others have laid out before me.  It won't change the core of my soul's knowing.

I learned a while back that the conscious mind is a rather interesting thing.  When consciousness exists beyond the body's ability to hold it through normal functioning, one is left with this expansive feeling that cannot be shaken.  To know that when the body breathes its last breath and slowly fades from life and yet the greater connected mind holding pure consciousness continues on creating well, that is enough evidence for me.  First hand experience can be a beautiful thing if it is not judged.  Those that indicate the near death experience is not real and can be purely explained by science need to be reminded that their statements are mere conjecture based on a limited understanding of what we truly are.  But I don't need to prove that to anyone who has had a near death experience and returned to this world conscious and forever changed.  Those who have gone beyond the veil of illusion know the truth within their souls too.  So, life, well - it does have purpose and our experiences here are the real gold...the real treasures of this world.  The love that we learn to find and feel and send outward, yet another precious gem of existence worth by far more than all of the theories and rhetoric of right.  I can content myself with that and I do.  I love this life and I love this amazing opportunity to experience it with the views I allow myself to take in.  I love that we posses the ability to create in this world.  I love that we posses the indescribable ability to connect and deeply with other souls on this planet.  I love that we posses the ability to experience and then transcend conflict and energetic emotions that most definitely ensue.  Life is amazing.  We are amazing. The Source that thought us into existence by beautiful design is purely amazing.  I need more coffee and to get my day started.  I shall create a beautiful day with the four most amazing and special souls in my world, my beautiful children.  I pray your day is filled with all of the real treasures in this world and of this existence.  Be blessed!

(c) 6/12 Jaie Hart (Photo, random internet find)

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