Sunday, June 3, 2012


I am traveling while standing here on planet Earth.  It seems as if I am standing still but that is just my perception or a completely false illusion.  How do I know?  Well, science in this case.  You see, I am standing on planet Earth who spins or her axis at over a thousand miles per hour (if one is standing near the equator).  Add to that the fact that this beautiful world is traveling through space around the sun at approximately 67,000 miles per hour in its orbit.  I begin to understand a little better one of the seven Hermetic Principals as is outlined in The Kybalion.  The Principal of Vibration states that, “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”  Every single thing in this universe is moving and then we get to the details on matter and how matter is merely a collection of densely vibrating atoms and molecules.  But I wonder why and how many more illusions there are in this world.

I pause in my thoughts as I spied a lone white seagull circling just above me.  I watched him fly South East until I could make him out no longer and my thoughts picked up and drifted again but this time even further away.  In my mind’s eye I imagined he headed for the distant shores of Elsewhere and would alight with joy upon the pristine grains of sand there.  I find myself often walking blissfully there.  But, lately, things have changed.  The joy of being there I have somehow seemed to miss lately even though I return often as some sort of sacred self-duty.  I know if I didn’t go at all, my soul would ache.  Lately when I arrive I find that my soul seems to ache any way.

As much as I enjoy coming full circle at the point of finally attaining the wisdom of lessons learned, I do not care for the seeming pause as the velocity and impetus within me slows, shifts and changes.  I sigh a little knowing I am no longer who I thought I was.  I’m no longer a fearful malleable soul awaiting direction or for someone to notice me standing here.  With much divinely gathered assistance over the past 18 months have I combed the sands of time finding the clues that lead me to all of the places I had unwittingly discarded or given away pieces of my own soul.  I took myself apart a long time ago for reasons that would never even closely resemble the word “reason” here today.

I found my light in the darkness and in the process learned the darkness held nothing to fear but imaginary wrathful deities like monsters under the bed.  At some point we grow from fearful children and begin to gain the courage enough to have an honest look at those things we feared existed in the darkness under our beds.  Lately, I have learned there was nothing ever there and it was all an illusion designed to give birth to flavor and color the creations of my dream.  It’s painful, a bit, to realize all the fear and drama were created for nothing of substance and just when I had learned to cope so well.  The strength gained in such life-long battles are as meaningless as the illusions I created to battle to begin with.

So, what then now but to immerse myself in this feeling of balance and disconcerting peace.  I have no dragons to slay today and I seem to have lost interest or taste in creating them.  Perhaps it is time I learn a new skill…one in which the universe has seemingly already begun to teach me.  Perception, awareness and deeper understanding of the sacred symbols are among my lesson plans and I suddenly now see so much was always hidden right in plain sight.  I smile a little and wince a little chasing away the emerging egotistical self-admonishments for my prior exercises in seeming futility.  Nothing is ever an exercise in futility here and the egos who have learned this now will begin to be taught patience.

Change is on the wind again…always really.  But, this time it’s even less clear what I’ve left for myself to discover.  Even this moment is already recorded in space and although the version of me in this dimension has free will to roam and move about, another part of me has already moved on from this plane and dimension into a future not so far away.  My “connected moments” speak now louder and more clearly than ever before.  There is much yet to learn in this frame for me and so, I do go gratefully and feeling all of the love and support from Source, from Elsewhere and the quiet one’s who rarely speak out loud but communicate regularly with me without words in inklings, feelings, knowings, energy rippling through my body at any given moment and colors (the opalescent ones are my favorites).  To the All of Everything I must say now Thank you, just thank you for this beautiful opportunity for growth in this life and through all my lives in all times, all space and all dimensions.  With what you have given me and brought me through dear others, I think I can find my way now.  I find I am lost no longer and in a very big way, I’m home.

(c) 6/2012 Jaie Hart (I regret that I do not know who painted this beautiful painting so am unable to give proper credit.  It was a random internet find.  If you happen to know - please contact me.  Thanks.)

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