Friday, October 3, 2008

Looking for Opportunities

Its finally Friday and this week has seemed so long. The weeks do tend to drag on when you’re dealing with things that are not entirely pleasant. For me, it’s impending change and although it is self-imposed and specifically sought…it’s still change and I don’t care for it much like any other human. However, I do have the wisdom enough to know that without change you stagnate and can no longer grow. That to me is truly a more frightening thought than the impending change. So, I tell myself, “Change is Good.”

I start a new job the week after next and I need to do some things over the next eight months to down size. I’m not in financial trouble but am downsizing to be smart about money. I don’t have to live less than a mile from the beach. I wanted to do it for a year and am enjoying the proximity to my beloved Pacific but inland will save me $500 a month and I may be able to rent a house on a typical suburban street or a condo with a Jacuzzi, tennis courts or a pool. That would be nice! So, the plan is being formed. I’m in a lease so will make my plan, put it out on the calendar and gradually work towards it. In April, we start looking for a new home to live in.

I’m also going to work to lighten the load we keep dragging around with us. I’ve got projects I want to start and finish before the move so I need to plan that out, keep the list handy and start to work on it whenever I have down-time. Like this weekend. A certain friend of mine is busy so I wont see him until Sunday. Rather than pout or be bummed out about not getting to spend time with this favorite friend, I’ve got a list of projects I now have the opportunity to get started on. I’m going to break out that list and just get going. First up are the garage demons! Oh yes, those! I want to get everything organized in standard sized plastic bins so that I can get rid of card-board boxes. I hate those because spiders can so easily climb in…Yikes! That will take me most of the day Saturday.

Tonight its getting back to basics, doing the simple things I’ve not really had time for…a pedicure, coloring my hair, rearranging my room, organizing my closet, filling up a bag of clothes I no longer wear and taking them to good will. I call it Fall Cleaning. One day every season, I go through the things I have and see what I can do to lighten my load. One sort of spiritual twist to this I’ve not mentioned is that if you want to invite more love, light and happiness into your life, you have got to make room. When your abode is so cluttered, your mind gets cluttered and the flow of positive energy and abundance is stunted, and often obscured to a great degree. I’ve been feeling like the flow of energy is not as streamlined and fulfilling as it could be so I’m grateful that my favorite friend to spend time with is busy this weekend. It gives me the fantastic opportunity to attend to some things I’ve completely blown off for the last two months.

I plan to come home tonight, turn on some good music, take my oldest daughter out to Cold Stone Creamery for an ice cream dinner…yes, we must celebrate in a fun fashion the work we will need to get done this weekend and I love to shock my kids with fun things like ice cream or pan cakes for dinner some times just to see their eyes light up. The Martha-Stewart type moms are probably cringing but I didn’t say I did this every day, right? Once in a while. The smile and the joy in the kids eye’s is worth it. Besides, I think ice cream and fresh fruit qualifies in the food pyramid so there!

I’m procrastinating a bit in getting my day started and now only have 15 minutes to get ready for work. I’m so happy that it’s Friday. I get to go check out my new office today and visit with one of my peers for lunch out. I’m so looking forward to it. I’ve got to talk to my staff today and let them in on some change in my life that is going to affect them. I know they’ll be disappointed but I’m hoping they’ll be happy for me too. I need them to know that they’ll have my commitment to continued mentoring so I can help them grow their careers. That is one thing about my work I have had the pleasure of doing many times over…helping people grow. It’s something that really lights up my world.

Moral for today’s story is to think about what opportunities you’ve been presented with this week. What can you do to take positive advantage of those opportunities. Also, what things can you do for yourself this weekend that will bring the twinkle back into your own eyes? Do those things. Do those things this weekend. So often we get busy taking care of everyone else that we put ourselves at the bottom of the list. This weekend, change it up and put yourself at the top. You have my permission and you deserve it. Have a fantastic Friday!

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