Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Now Age: It's Likely Not What You Think.

This post represents the expansion of a thought I shared with a friend recently.  But that exchange got me to thinking and I like to think.  I also love the experience of living my life the best way I can.

I have been on a quest of sorts for I don’t even know what and for so long that I can’t really even remember when or why it began.  But I remember when it ended and I felt bad a few moments thinking, “Wow, all of this time I was energized by the spiritual quest, by the journey of searching and the action of seeking. So, now what?”  Now what, indeed!

One thing that never entered my mind was that one day I’d find the answers I was searching for right about the same time I grew so weary of a fruitless seeming ever illusive quest.

Well, I guess it wasn’t entirely fruitless.  What I learned is that when we finally grow tired of our searching for something outside of ourselves, we begin to understand that what we seek, we truly already have.  We just didn’t know how to realize it or find our way inside long enough to see it.

New Age thought spurred my quest sometime ago I will readily admit.  Honestly, I’m very grateful to the New Age thinkers for they brought us new ways to look at ancient wisdom as we contemplated our present day experiences but something always seemed to be missing or lost in the translation.  After further thinking, feeling and just letting the thoughts within me expand, I realized in absolute fullness and joy that the quest was over.  But now I think its time for a paradigm shift of sorts. 

I think the conclusion that I come to is that the genre formerly referred to as “New Age” has actually come and gone.  I also think that the “New Age” is in the process of being replaced by the "Now Age."  The “Now Age” is so much more important than the New Age.

Let me explain why.  The Now Age requires no guru, no dogmatic approaches to anything really or trying to embrace some doctrine you can't really warp your head around.

All the “Now Age” requires is being very present in every moment of your life and in all that you do. Being present in the fullness of the Presence of our Consciousness will bring us that which we most sought outside of ourselves. It's one of those subtle little miracles you stumble onto when you finally stop listening to the voices outside of your head, tune into the true feelings within and listening with all of your being.

The time is now.  Be here.  Be present in your effervescent numinous illuminating Conscious Presence.   Pretty simple huh?

Special thanks to all of my wonderful friends and my partner for all of the thought-provoking discourse that brought one part of my journey to a wonderful end.  How often can you say something ends wonderfully? 

I’m off to some different thoughts all-together.  So, enjoy the journey and be ever so present within it.  Just breathe, notice the pretty flowers sometimes, the way the sun etches everything in beautiful golden light or the song of our winged friends some time.  You’ll then begin to comprehend what the Now Age entails.  Blessings.

© 2015 Jaie Hart (photo and words)  Now Age concept was coined by my partner, Dr. Liam Leonard. J

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