Saturday, April 4, 2015

How do you Learn How Amazing You Are?

 I created a video a short time ago that addresses a very important topic we often give no focus.  It's unfortunate because if we did or knew how to focus on this topic, we'd understand so much more about life, our lives and the purpose of all of those amazing and wonderful exchanges we have as we go through each day.  Through every interaction we have here incarnate, we have an opportunity to learn something.  Not only can we learn from those individuals we interact with, we can also learn much from ourselves.  We can learn probably the most amazing things just by tuning into what we feel and I'm not talking about emotion created by thoughts, beliefs and assumptions.  I'm talking about something much more powerful deep within the core of you.

I’ll include the video below this article as it deals with this topic and actually shows you how you can attempt to grasp a concept that might seem too intangible to easily touch. I called the video Amazing because really, the concept IS Amazing as are you.  Consider a few things I’ll succinctly put forth for your consideration:

  1. Feelings, thoughts and emotions while connected are all different facets of our conscious experience. Although they all seem to be one and the truth, that isn't necessarily so.
  2. Emotions and their connected thoughts do not represent facts.  Often, these represent only the culmination of assumptions we make from the data we take in through the filters of our Environmental and Psychological conditioning.
  3. Our beliefs are often formed through the complexities involved in the above two very key aspects of physical experience.  If we do not understand how our beliefs are formed, we could end up unfairly judging others or worse, ourselves and letting untruthful thoughts roam free wreaking havoc on us emotionally speaking.
  4. All around us are messengers great!  These messengers from within and without are all trying to tell you something about you, the world and the lesson plan you are perhaps unconsciously creating.  The cool part is that you get to decide who you will continue to learn from and how you will do it or not.
  5. You truly are a miracle of conscious creation.  Consider the striations in just the commonly known levels of consciousness:  Awake and Asleep or dig a little deeper via psychology and you’ll find a few more such as:  Consciousness, Latent Consciousness and then the Unconscious aspects of our being as Dr. Freud observed and wrote extensively about.  Then consider the vast expanse of the unconsciousness and its collective as written extensively about by Dr. Jung.  Your consciousness/Consciousness is a miracle.
  6. Consider again all the vast possibilities that exist in this life, your life.  Consider the messages and messengers that have represented the totality of your life’s experiences.  What have you learned?  What do you want to learn?  If you are unsure, your body will tell you if you pay attention to it and learn how to read its messages.  Your environment will begin to tell you when you learn how to pay attention to it and learn how to read its messages.  Even your unconscious mind will begin to tell you when you learn how to pay attention to it and learn how to read its messages.

Have a look at the video below. It begins to deal with the first part - understanding your own internal messaging. I created it to teach you about how your body communicates very important messages to you.  It’s about 11 minutes long so review when you have the time to focus.  If you’re curious about further exploration of the conscious self, stop by my website at Http://  You may find some things of interest there.  I do offer a class on the Exploration of the Conscious Self and will be working on a video shortly to tell you more about it.  In the mean time, the class is ready to go, just write me if you’re interested in it or would like to learn more.

Are you ready for a shift in perspective?  Sit back, get comfy and have a look and listen.  Let me know if you tried the exercise and what you thought about it.

Blessings for higher love and learning! :)  You Are Amazing!

© 2014-2015 JL Harter (Jaie Hart)

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