Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hanging on a Moment

What are the good things in life?  A good cup of coffee? Watching the sun rise?  Seeing dandelion seeds twirl in the breeze as you gently blow them into oblivion and unwittingly end up supporting the circle of life while you make a wish like an innocent child of the universe?

All of the little life moments we experienced have mattered and will matter in the future perhaps, but what about right now?

The reason this moment or point of focus matters is that when we are not busy worrying about what we should, would or could have done or what we could, would or should do tomorrow, we can settle into feeling what it feels like to be a real living and breathing human being inside our body observing all these important seeming things that really amount to lessons in a text book that is our life.  Weird and anticlimactic huh?

Sometimes it is just that and well, even that is precious but we just don’t understand that for every yin there is a yang, every action an equal and opposite reaction – it’s life – it’s amazingly, incredibly, wonderfully perfect even when it feels very much like it isn’t.

So, then, what to do with a thought or a feeling in a moment?  I guess we judge it and decide whether or not to hold it.  It doesn’t really matter what we decide unless we have expectations.  With expectations one must be cognizant of choices ahead of time.  Other than that, we think what we think and we feel what we feel until we wish to think and feel something else.  And then, we do.

Life is not so complicated in some regards but one tiny little thought or action can turn it on a dime in terms of experience.  So, what kind of experience do you most wish to have? Do you at least know that you have a choice in how you experience it even without the control to manage outside actions?

Peace!  :)

2015 Copyright Jaie Hart both photo and words

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