Saturday, April 4, 2015

Can't Catch A Break?


If you focus on peace, peace may very well elude you.

If you focus on escaping drama, it may very well follow you. 

If you focus on catching a break, you may continually find things that break you.

I used to say often, what we focus on we create.  Well, that concept truly comes with a caveat and that is what we focus on with intent, we create. 

Your intent may be conscious or unconscious but believe me when you’re focused on something, you have intent.  Discerning your true intent might seem an easy thing for one to do except for the barrier of psychological filters that always seem to hide the truth.

If, for example, you live a drama filled life that you try always attempt to escape, you are always focused with an intent on rescuing yourself from drama.  Your intent is creating an energy or vibration about you that is most compatible with that which you most wish to escape (drama).   

When next you find yourself embroiled in drama and you do not wish to engage in it, try breathing instead of participating.  You don’t have to run and you don’t have to hide.  You can withdraw your intent to focus on the negative aspect of it and instead shift your focus and intent on curiosity.  From a curious point of view you might wonder what the drama is really intended to teach you.  If you set your intent towards understanding that, my how the epiphanies may fall like dominoes from Mount Everest.

If you focus on peace because you are attempting to escape its opposite, the same idea as the above applies.  The same is true with catching a break.  You believe or it seems you can’t ever catch a break so you try to catch a break  While you focus on something good because you are experiencing something bad, it is a real challenge to shift your intent into a more congruent alignment with your truest desires.

Step back from the discomfort of such moments, breathe as I mentioned and take a time out.  Understand that when you start from a negative perspective seeking a positive rescue, you are starting out in discord.  Get yourself to a state of acceptance, balance and curiosity and then just breathe.  That’s it.  No tricks.  

Just breathe and set your intent to allow what is happening to change and then take action in a fully positive frame.

It is important to understand how we create what we focus on.  Through understanding the unconscious creation process, we can better learn to control our lives in the positive on purpose.  Just some food for thought.

© 2015 JL Harter

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