Monday, March 2, 2015

Shinning the Light on an Often Misunderstood Kind of Personal Confession


A wonderful soul set off a series of thoughts within me some time ago that everything within me railed against.  Several years and life lessons later, I think I only begin to understand.

As I was driving into the storm clouds this morning looking for the rays of light spilling out in every direction, the words came to me once again.  Only this time with them understanding came as pure inspiration from appreciating life just as it is.  

The concept is simply this:

When another person cites to you each of your failings and shortcomings, arrest any need you may have for a defensive reaction or action.

Instead, stop all thought and endeavor to listen very carefully with an open mind and heart.  For in such a moment thou art in fact receiving the Holy confession of the other person either in whole or in part.

Hold a space of loving compassion and give them the gift of having their voice heard.  This act takes nothing from you but can give you everything if you seize the opportunity.

With loving compassion and kindness, thank them for their courage and their honest expression.

Now, look deeply within your own being and see the truth for within your rising feelings towards the other person are you in fact giving also your own Holy confession.

Hold a space now of compassion and love for self in true appreciation for your own courage in feeling the layers of lies and false belief being freed from your soul.  Realize you both are being given an opportunity to be free.

Within every encounter and every exchange - both teacher and student are perfectly and beautifully born.  Teach and learn.  Learn and love.  Be silent and feel and you will begin to understand.  Blessings.

© 2015 Rev. JL Harter (photo and words)

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