Saturday, March 28, 2015

Orbital Focus


Wandering through the days and months I ponder all the discoveries made.  Each day in life is born of our dreams and so many wondrous intangible things.  Would that we could understand there is more to the horizon our eyes might perceive.  This life and all of humanity is perfect even in its seeming imperfection.  We focus so much outside ourselves, decry the misbehavior of others but what does that do in the end?  We have not the power to change another.

As I let my mind drift through my own experiences filtered by my useless perceptions I come to understand a thing or two.  First and foremost, this life has not much to do with how you envision or experience others living it but how you rise and live and lead by example.  We can change the world only to the extent we are willing to change ourselves.

It takes much courage, strength, integrity and honor to open yourself to the world at large.  Humanity can sometimes seem so cruel and if you focus there and only there, you’ll find no shortage of horrors and tragedies.  You can engage in this world of conspiracies and evildoers creating victims and villains in a huge wake of pain.  You can also engage in this world with great faith and knowing that you can choose to stand and walk, live and breathe in your own light, living your own dreams just as you truly intended.

I watch the leaves spring forth from the once bare naked trees.  Their slumber stirred by the changing of our orbit.  They return to yet another state of growth and showing the world their true beauty.  What if we are like that?  What if we each have our seasons of growth and bright beauty and then darkness and nakedness?  We have our moments of moving ahead and our moments of slowing down.  Asking why with any conviction at all is committing yourself to chasing the tail of an illusive dragon.  It is not really our place to question why but to know we intuitively already understand but just haven’t realized it yet.  We will, I think.

© JL Harter (photo:  NASA)

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