Thursday, March 26, 2015

Book by Jaie Hart: So It's Over. Now What?

One of life's greatest challenges is finding and maintaining a happy and healthy relationship with another. This book is written as a guide book and resource for those going through the end of a romantic relationship. Rev. J.L. Harter provides some alternative points of view to assist those facing this very challenging moment in their lives to understand what they are going through, to consciously engage in the healing process and to use it not as a devastating blow in life but an incredibly amazing and valuable opportunity to get to know and come to understand and love yourself. This book covers the challenges of the beginning of the end and walks you through the thought processes and challenges of the early stages following the ending of a relationship to that point in which one may better understand the lessons learned, find healing and strive for a greater sense of hope, health and well-being. This work is available now at

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