Saturday, March 14, 2015

And We

Darkened landscape silhouettes
7 Silver Birds sent speeding skyward
One each minute that passes
The rising sun lighting their bellies
Making them appear as sparkling stars in an early morning sky
The rays of light begin reaching
Into a new day only just begun
And I find I’m reaching too
For what I cannot say
The golden pink sunrise
Takes my breath away
It matters not the road I’m on
Still I drive
Something within me stirs
As the silhouettes dissolve
In glowing orange shadows
More metal birds now in flight
And with them my thoughts soar
Let them get to where they are going, I think
Let us all arrive safely
After this amazing journey in life
With our hearts full of laughter
And blessed lessons learned
So the dream continues
Unfolding as it will
And we, with it

© 2015 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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