Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Ultimate Learning - Simply Put.

On the path, we may come to learn to be conscientious. We may then learn about sympathy. From there we may graduate to empathy. From there we may learn the mastery of true love and then compassion - The Ultimate Learning!

To elaborate a bit further:
  • When Conscientious, we realize that other people have feelings too and we seek consideration of them as we go through our lives. Conscientious is good but just a stage on the path.
  • When Sympathetic, we certainly mean well but eventually learn sympathy truly reinforces another's weakness and is truly an act of malware in the ego.  Sympathy is not the goal but a stage we move through.
  • When we graduate to Empathy, we have learned to not only feel within to but to feel others as well. The challenge then becomes the ability to set boundaries and the realization that we need not carry another's burden in pain or emotion. Empathy is not the destination but yet another stage on the path.
  • When we come to Love and we learn that it begins within us, we learn to carry ourselves and to allow others to be as they are. Love is not the only destination but still, yet, another stage in the journey of self-realization and ultimate discovery.
  • When we find Compassion, we learn to love all as we love ourselves, including this world and all worlds. Compassion allows an understanding at the deepest levels possible and is an imperative on the path to true understanding.
  • The stages continue on refining and enhancing us as we move along in our lives like diamonds shaped to that perfect light reflecting sparkle.  A return to ourselves with a knowing we held the light all along.


© 2015 Jaie Hart (photo and words)

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