Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Life's Unwritten Rules

Do not attempt to fix me, I am not broken.  As a fellow human being,I deserve your respect and not your pity so hold it right there within you for a time and consider its true origins.  Do not attempt to correct me or to modify my approach towards life.  If I want your opinion, I shall ask for it.  Do not judge me based on your experience.  I have not lived life as you have regardless of what you assume and have my own experiences to contend with that shapes my thoughts and actions.  If I fall, do not catch me.  How will I learn to be careful where I place my steps if you do not let me feel fully the consequences of my actions.  Do not rescue me even if I forget myself a moment and ask you to.  Rescue is not what I really need and to do so will also further reinforce my temporary weakness.  What I really need is help to understand how I got myself into the present situation I find myself.  If you want to help me, have faith in my ability to figure things out, empathize with me as that helps to empower me to pull myself up.  Do not sympathize with me as that only reinforces my delusions. 

Help me think through things from time to time and do not give me all of the answers.  If you tell a fish it is in water, how helpful do you think that truly is?  Share your experience with me when asked but do not stuff it down my throat while I am thinking.  I must learn to make my own decisions or I will never make it in life.  Give me nothing that you must have returned in kind and do not manipulate me for personal gain in any way including doing or giving me things that will boost your ego or expect me to lavish you with egotistical praise to boost you up just for standing there judging me when I am down.  I am doing the best I can in life and do not need your judgment.  Your judgment helps me take not one step in this life. 

If you truly love me, let me be as I am, let me do the things that I do and do not require that I change myself, my actions or my thoughts to be in your presence.  Accept me as I am and love me unconditionally or choose to self-select out of my life.  I prefer to be surrounded by those with open motives and not hidden agenda's whether you are aware or not.  It may seem that I ask much, but these things are important to me and you do get to choose whether to participate or not but you may not change the boundaries I have just set. I appreciate the good in your heart that has you standing here with me.  I appreciate the lessons from each other we have the opportunity to learn.  If we are to maintain a mutually beneficial and soul respecting exchange of learning in this life, please know that I must be me and exercise my free will and I will grant you the freedom to do the same.  Your free will ends where mine begins and vice versa.  If you want to really help me, just love me and require nothing of me as I require nothing of you.  Learn restraint, learn control, learn unconditional love in both the giving and receiving.  Seek to understand life's unwritten rules and then, then you can be of help to not only me but all others with whom you encounter for the purposes of learning. ~Blessings


  1. Love this Jaie your such a blessing to us all.

  2. Thank you, my friend. We are all blessed to have each other to travel with on this amazing journey!