Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Space Between

The space between moments, heart beats, sounds, events and interactions...that precious space of balance and peace like those few precious moments between day light and night or when the night time gives way to a brand new day.  I love the spaces in between because it is in those times the mind is less occupied and the thoughts are easier to scatter into the wind.  We focus too much on things and expectations and we miss what is truly precious in this dream.  Have you ever sat still, breathed in deeply and easily, let go of every last thought and just drifted in the void of nothingness and everything-ness?  There is a rare beauty there to behold if you can manage it.  When there is no thought, when there is no one and not one single emotion tugging at your attention, consciousness becomes super real in the process of just being, you can feel what it is like to be you, in your body, letting the soul stretch out in pure bliss and love.

Just before sunset, I went for a walk with my daughter.  We headed over to the neighborhood elementary school so I could hit a tennis ball against the hand ball wall and so, of course, she could go swing on the play ground.  For twenty minutes I hammered a ball against a wall until every last bit of the day's stress had left me.  One last swing and my furry little yellow spherical friend flew over the wall.  I'm a little out of practice and realized I had a little ways to go to catch up to my ball.  I decided to walk slowly and just breathe in the blue sky and let my mind stretch out far and wide.  I heard the haunting clinking sound of the tether ball chains gently tapping the tether ball poles in a beautiful sea breeze.  The place looked desolate but I could feel the traces of energy left behind by children full of energy, laughing, playing and feeling their way through their normal day without a care.  I could feel people unseen walking and talking.  I just felt for the energy of the place and it was so serene and peaceful despite the energetic traces.  I also felt the souls no longer part of this world awaiting the right moment for the right medium to speak and I thought to myself, in time, in due time.

I retrieved my little yellow friend and decided it was time to join my daughter on the swing.  While I was hitting the ball she found a toy of sorts that made unusual but amazing music when she stood on it.  It was so beautiful and so much care did she place in her perfectly timed movements to create a song for me.  I smiled in delight and gave her a standing ovation for her very creative performance.  I even had her do it one more time for a special mommy video.  I so love those.  We laughed and talked the whole way home both of us elated just to be outside where there were no screens.  The whole world went away on our walk home and I was amazed at how philosophical a nine year old could be.  I smiled so happy in that moment.  We walked back home and she had just enough time to play with friends for a few minutes while I caught my breath from a good round of exertion.  I looked up and saw the most amazing sunset and I could feel that in between time coming.  I was elated still and now it's here and I'm contemplating existence, joy, love and the rest of the happenings in this amazing dream of mine.  Its really true what the sages all say, life IS TRULY what you make of it.  If you look for sadness, terror and tragedy, you'll find it in abundance.  If you look for love, joy, beauty and laughter, you'll find it in abundance.  I'm glad I looked for and found the latter.  I shall endeavor to hold these feelings until the stars come out and then some.  I pray you find a measure of peace, purpose and love in all of your endeavors dear souls.  You will.  I know it.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo/words).

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