Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Creating Beauty

With beautiful music playing in the car, I had just left summer camp and was heading due East driving towards my office.  All at once, I was stunned and in complete awe of a morning sky perfectly painted with gold, silver and copper light.  The luminescence of it lit up the entire sky and even the clouds suddenly appeared like magic tools reflecting and refracting stunning light.  Not long after catching a glimpse of this beautiful view, I headed south for only about a mile.  I entered the left turn lane elated from the beauty I had just witnessed and the light turned green.  Just then, my favorite song played on my iPhone, Color My World by Chicago.  I couldn't have been happier and then more wonder washed over me as the view heading East yet again completely changed.  A huge bank of lavender colored clouds had spun their way into existence in the center of my view.  Now I beheld even more glorious color...feeling the warmth of the copper, gold and silver now from behind a gorgeous bank of opalescent lavender clouds.  It almost appeared unreal and cast the view low to the ground in this strange blue light.  I could not stop smiling in spite of my disbelief at the view before me.  The song's last note came and went and suddenly the lavender clouds gave way again to the bright warm colors of sunrise.  I looked back in my rear view and could see no trace of the cloud bank at all and wondered what had just happened.  Is it possible that we can create much more than we realize?  I'm beginning to think so and you can call it delusional if you'd like for if I am that in truth, I wish to forever remain that!

The beautiful energy that overwhelmed me at witnessing such a beautiful view stayed with me most of the day and it was a good thing too.  A stray thought from the past attempted to materialize on my horizon.  After a few seconds of panic I realized that if I lend this stray thought any kind of energy through emotion, it will arise bigger than life on my scene and I frankly do not wish to participate in any such scene.  I dismissed the thought as I now watch a beautiful and once again, very colorful and inspiring sun set.  It's time to realize the power of our ability to create in this world.  The power of our perception is incredible.  The reality of it may move from soul to soul or remain out of reach or on the periphery but those who wish to see beyond the ordinary and the mundane can shift their vision at any time.  You can call it chasing fantasies if you like.  You can call it living in a dream and even there you wouldn't necessarily be wrong.  I recall just now the beauty of becoming lucid in a dream.  One in particular, I had become lucid at just that moment that I faced some vile and evil monster that was about to eat me up.  When I realized that I was dreaming, I looked at the monster and I simply said, "Be gone - you are not real.  I created you and I created me here in this moment.  I wish to dream you into serenity, beauty, love and light."  And so went the remainder of that dream.  Life is not so different.  It's another kind of dream and the more you become awake and aware that you are dreaming, the more you too can transform your monsters into beauty, love and light.  Sweet dreams beautiful dreamers.  Make your dreams incredible.  You are that powerful.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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