Thursday, July 5, 2012

In Your Dreams

Last night I celebrated my own kind of independence.  Not from anyone but from many things that I had come to rely on as truth but in reality they were born out in the light as provisional or maybe even relative.  It hurt for a moment but sometimes the reveal isn't always pure joy.  Sometimes it is very serious and drives deep into your core your own misguided thoughts and previous actions leading to wholly undesirable outcomes.  But maybe they were not undesirable at all.  Hmmm, I think I've learned that every experience we have in life, we ourselves, have called to us for reasons we don't remember, can't recall and maybe don't even want to know about in advance.  If we knew how things would turn out, we might not engage and what then?  We'd miss a lesson with a trusted soul or souls who have come to assist us in ways we just couldn't comprehend.  I sight at the thought feeling the reality with every breath.

Cool, that's great, so now what.  There are times in life that we must get very still and quiet.  Know that unconscious creations stemming from a place of pain, ignorance, doubt and fear will draw to us lessons in the seemingly negative.  Nothing is really good nor bad in the total scheme of things but they can feel that way.  Conscious creation from a place of understanding, love and wholeness calls to us a whole different host of experiences.  I've learned the difference in many areas and facets of my own life and have tested my own theories and the bear out as truth.  Even when I do not wish to see what stands right before me.  I laugh a little at the process, the seeming game we play while we're dreaming.  But, that moment we become lucid in this dream of life and begin to question not why someone else has done this or that but why WE have done what we've done, the game changes and the dream becomes deep and more ethereal in terms of meaning.

I love that about life...there are many "reveals" standing before us like miracles begging to be validated by our own attention to them.  I'm still shaking my head with the knowledge and understanding.  This dream of our lives we have created is for us to enjoy, not to struggle indefinitely with.  When you stand up straight in the darkest parts of the dream, call to yourself all of your Source-given faculties and trust you implicitly, the scene changes as do the specters and shadows and visitors who come with messages great.  I love the ethereal and mystical so much.  The out of the ordinary makes me smile in ways most may not understand.  The game changing happenings and unexplainable occurrences are a pure joy to behold.  Our time incarnate is so short...we briefly dream and then return, elsewhere and then who knows what - reconnect with loved one's and beginning planning the next adventure?  Last night in a dream I was shown a garden, I was allowed a brief visit "home" and immediately upon arrival, all of those things I struggle to comprehend slipped deeper into my core with greater understanding.  I arrived tense and troubled and as I stood in the garden and felt the elation of reconnecting with loved ones I have come to treasure due solely to the pure and unadulterated love they brought me, the healing rippled through all time, all space and all dimensions.

I was awakened by a crow outside my window quite insistent on being heard.  His assertions brought my sleeping mind to life again and I noticed I had left yet another few things behind me...the heaviness of days gone by no longer wrapped around me like a damp blanket.  The warmth of the sun had arisen in my soul and a smile in the darkness knowing this day, this beautiful day on Earth would be well spent in observation, understanding and pure bliss.  I'm grateful.  Thanks be to my guardian angels and guides who have watched over me and nudged me farther towards opening my heart and mind so wide that there is no way that I will misunderstand again.  In gratitude and deep love, I thank them.  I pray you encounter greater understanding on your journeys, that you are met with nothing less than impeccable actions and no less than miracles.  Be aware of them and you will see them everywhere, even in your dreams.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (Painting is The Garden of Eden by Thomas Cole).

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