Friday, May 11, 2012

Free Will

Free will – it’s not just some esoteric word we banter about in metaphysical or spiritual circles.  It is a law of integrity ingrained deeply within us all.  Disengage from any egotistical urges within you that prompt you to manipulate, take or impinge upon the free will of another.  Likewise, disengage from any souls who attempt to manipulate, take or impinge upon your free will.  Practical and common example:  Take any relationship (friends, family or romantic – whatever), a soul wishes to leave you and you throw a temper tantrum or guilt trips to manipulate that person’s free will in an attempt to get them to stay.  Another example, you have judged that only a certain action should be taken by another and you aggressively push that soul to do as you think is best forcing them into your solution or they may suffer your anger or hurt feelings.  These are gross impositions on the free will of another. 

It is not recommended that you stop this behavior because it’s wrong in a biblical or judgmental sense.  It is suggested that you consider disengaging from it to prevent negative energetic effects on your being.  Consider the positive energetic effects of showing others and yourself the utmost integrity and respect by demonstrating the honoring of free will-- both yours and that of others.  Consider creating a space of compassion and love for those who have not yet learned how to honor this very important law within this framework.  Do not judge them – but, rather, disengage from the negativity.  Consider always standing authentically in your own light.  Honor yourself by engaging in behaviors and actions that honor Source-given free will.  The moment that Source thought us into being, we were granted this beautiful gift.   Make every effort not to disparage it and you will reap beautiful energetic rewards.  Food for thought.  Blessings of peace, love and light!

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart, (Photo, random but beautiful internet find).

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