Sunday, May 20, 2012


I watched the sun set eclipsed by the moon tonight.  I even shot a few pictures in between huge  low clouds that rolled in from the coast.  I wondered quietly as I watched how many people over the eons might have watched this very natural phenomenon and thought it a portend of all manner of terrible things.  It’s interesting I guess when we witness things we have no context or framework around.  I mean, how can we see the things that we sometimes see and know that ultimately we’re going to be okay and that its not the end of the world or "end of times?"  I guess that is where faith comes in and having that inner knowing that no matter what we see or come into contact with, we will ultimately be okay.  We are not these bodies we inhabit and we are not the mind that thinks fearful and worrisome thoughts either.  We are souls experiencing a dream here on Earth. 

We’re going to see a lot of things in our time (just like all the other beings in any other time in history) and although we think ourselves unique in our perspectives and so very wise, know that there isn’t that much new under the sun in terms of how we operate within this framework from the beginnings of our civilization until now.  We're not smarter, better or more ingenious than those who came before us.  We have technology but in our hearts, we are the same.  It's interesting to me hearing about exlipse and 2012 and the end coming.  Every age thinks the end is near because the dooms-dayers have predicted it thusly.  Well, think of it this way, for whatever reason, those folks are called to go public with what they believe as the truth.  You can hardly blame folks for doing what they think is right but even if, even if they were right, ultimately we’d still be okay.  We may not inhabit these bodies for all that long in the scheme of things but our souls live on, continue learning and continue growing.  That’s not to say that we shouldn’t be cautious when appropriate, careful, grateful and appreciative of life.  We should be.  There are things that we can do here incarnate that we cannot do in the form of pure consciousness.  I assure you, THAT is a different and more challenging experience (and I speak from experience).  We may experience tragedies real or imagined, but we wanted to be here and so, here we are.

So, well, the sun has completely gone down and the sky grows even more dark.  The sky can still be seen in between patchy clouds.  As for the things I can’t see, I’m hopeful I’ll learn enough to recognize certain things I now do not clearly understand.  But, for now, I am content with this world and my place in it.  It’s a beautiful world and now, for me, something even more beautiful.  It is time for me to commune with my beloved stars.  They mean more to me than I could ever possibly convey in mortal words.  I hope you find that one thing or anything in life that means that much to you, that moves you and stirs you deeply within your soul.  I really do.  May you be blessed always with great joy, bliss and the deepest love always.

(c) 5/2012 Jaie Hart, picture and words

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