Sunday, October 3, 2010

Words as Weapons

I love you...
-- smack --
I’m sorry.

I forget and then all is well
I can go back to pretending it’s all okay
I can forget and learn to love again

I love you
-- smack --
I’m sorry

You made me do it
It’s all your fault
You hurt me first
I’m sorry, it was my fault

Then I forget again
Go back to pretending I’m okay again
But I’m growing confused
I’m growing discontent

I love you
-- smack --
I’m sorry

I know, you didn’t just hurt me
It was my fault
I overreacted
I’ll try to ignore it next time

I love you
-- smack --
I’m sorry

Wait - I can’t do this any more
I can’t take this any more
This isn’t love but an abusive game
I’m leaving
you now

But wait, I always loved you

-- smack, devastation, destruction as the knife is plunged deeper --

I never abused you - a hand was never raised you're the abusive one
Words and manipulation were your deadly weapons

Weapons more dangerous than a fist
More dangerous than a knife
It cuts through a heart and a soul in a heart beat
And you can’t take them back and I'm left here shaking

I loved you
I’m sorry 

Good bye

Emotional abuse is a very serious abuse.  It's worse than physical because you cannot see it and it takes a very long time to heal.  If you feel you are being emotionally abused, get out and get away as soon as you can.  Life is too important to put up with any form of abuse.  For any of you women (and men) out there who have suffered this, you have the right to be free from this, to heal from this and to never invite it back into your lives again.  ~Blessings

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