Sunday, October 24, 2010


There are some things they never teach you about life when you get here and begin to become aware that you are living.  Some things that come to mind for me are the amazing structure of a blade of grass, the way sunlight etches leaves in golden light and the beauty you can find in the darkness in whatever way darkness might befall you.  It is that darkness that is my focus today.  How do we ever truly appreciate light without the darkness that defines it?  One of my greatest teachers in life was not a person but rather a dark night of the soul.  That dark night was a defining moment for me.  Simply put, I could have chosen to leave this world behind because it (life) was just too painful OR I could choose to see the dark night for what it was…an amazing lesson in strength in terms of what is real and true in this life and then, ultimately love.  During that dark night I learned that when the whole world seems like it is out to get you and everything seems to go completely wrong, there is a tiny gossamer flame that burns deep inside us all despite the bad things that happen to us.

That tiny gossamer flame is hope, love and faith and so much more with our limited language I can explain.  With that light burning, truly there is nothing you cannot muster the grace to handle.  No matter what your religious or spiritual belief, it is that tiny gossamer flame that connects us one to the other and ultimate our Creator.  We are amazingly part of this beautiful and indescribable collective Cosmic Consciousness that lives and breathes as a whole whether you acknowledge its existence or not.  It’s a comfort to reach such thoughts out far and wide especially if you happen to be traveling through a dark night of the soul.  That connected point that resides within us all can really help us understand the unity we hold as a race, as an element of the Earth and as an element of Cosmic Consciousness!

We’re all in this (LIFE) together…here…on this planet…at this time.  You can choose to become mired in the day to day of superficiality and ego.  There is free will and you can do with this gift what you choose to do.  You can also choose to allow your mind, heart and soul to expand and encompass the all of everything by merely appreciating beauty in the ugliness and chaos of this world, seeking to understand a greater purpose for existence and taking refuge in the love that is there deep inside us all.  That love that courses through all of our veins is not separate, it is one…we are all one in many regards experiencing facets of existence and learning languages that continually assault (seemingly at times) our perceptions.  There is a language of the soul, a language of the heart, a language of geometry and mathematics, a language in science and a language of spirituality.  They are all different facets of the same global wholeness that we exist in from my perspective…and I realize many may not agree and that is okay.  But consider for a moment that we do not need to know and understand all in order to continue to create our world, live our lives and learn our lessons.  You can take a lot on faith, you can create a lot with pure intent and regardless, you can love all that is or hate it.  It’s beautiful that we have so many choices to make day in and day out.  We are intelligent, capable of great use of the power that resides within all of us and we each bring something beautiful and incredibly valuable to the table for all of the rest of us to benefit from.
Sometimes its nice to have a little reminder.  Sometimes its good when you can be open to the languages that surround you even if you do not understand them.  All you need to know will be made known to you in due time and with due process/experience.  Enjoy this journey that is your life every single day that you are breathing.  Take comfort in the fact that your brothers and sisters journey with you, not necessarily ahead of, behind, above or below you, but right beside you…each in his or her own way.  When times get tough, become open minded and understanding.  When times are good, become grateful and selfless.  With these simple things you can cope with what comes your way and you can trust that as you heal and grow, you take others with you and as others heal and grow, they bring you along for the ride too.  Be well and be happy dear souls.  ~Many blessings and much love.

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