Friday, October 1, 2010

Just For Today...

I will really believe that in this world, I am responsible for no one's feelings but my own.  That doesn't mean I won't be considerate because that is my core nature but I won't stop meeting my needs because someone else may take offense. 

I will know and understand that the judgment of others is truly based on their own slice perception of me and what others believe about me does not have any effect on the truth about who or what I am.

I will let go of any anger I hold in my heart for others that have hurt me.  What they did was about their needs and my feelings are no one else's responsibility but mine.  That does not mean I will not protect myself from harmful people its just that I will understand that everyone has their own environmental psychology to contend with and no matter what...hurtful acts are about other people and have nothing to do with me.

I will realize that people and situations do not "stress me out."  I will realize that any stress response that I may have to people and situations is purely based on my own assumptions and my own expectations for the way others should behave...and that expectation (no matter how reasonable I think it may be) may not be reasonable considering the totality of who and what other people truly are.

I will own my own mistakes, transgressions, insecurities and failings.  I will not blame others for the places I put myself in.  I will say I'm sorry where I hurt another. I will do my best to be kind and considerate but ultimately, I'm responsible for me and my feelings.

I will believe that I am emotionally sophisticated, will spot unhealthy psychology in others and set healthy boundaries to keep myself from being drawn into the drama that other people need to create to feel okay.

I will forgive those that have harmed me in any way, I will forgive myself for putting myself in harms way and I will ask the Great Spirit to guide my decisions and help me to make good ones that are in line with my Maker's plan for me.

I will walk with my head held high and do my best to radiate light in the dark parts of this world.  It's a beautiful world even with its dark parts.  Even light cannot be fully comprehended without the darkness that defines and sets it apart.

I will be grateful for everything that I have learned in my life, will keep the negative aspects of any of my lessons in check and convey to the best of my ability, experience and hope in the positive.

I will love openly and honestly and strive to be a helping role player in this play called life rather than a hindrance for others.  I will never compromise my own values of what is right, good and healthy for me.

I will know and sincerely believe that even the bad things that happen in my life serve a good purpose even when I am unable to see it or feel it.  I will trust that to be so and with that intent, it will be so.

I will be watchful of any negative thoughts or messages that I tell myself and turn each one into a positive before I dismiss it.  I will not replay the negative words that I have heard but instead keep things light, real and in an assumption free perspective.

I will project upon the world positive thoughts for growth, for healing and for peace.  I will view the world as it could be but at the same time protecting myself from people and things that are not inline with my positive vision.

I will live and let live and seek to understand the lessons that present themselves to me and seek only the highest meaning and growth.

I will wish for you today an experience of compassion and love from this world--acceptance--healing and true growth that will fill your life with light.  ~Blessings

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