Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Telling Stories

We’ve all done it…had something really horrible happen to us, it caused us great pain and we unwittingly sought validation from friends or loved ones because of the horrors or frustrations we’ve just been through.  We not only sought validation but we also sought sympathy.  Energetically speaking, someone took our energy away and we sought to fill that back up by gaining energy from someone else.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing as we do it quite innocently—we don’t know any better.  What we also don’t know and understand is that there are unintended consequences of these actions.  When we take on any kind of victim stance in life, we send out a vibration.  The more we tell our tales of woe, the more we unconsciously ask the Universe to reinforce that vibration and then the Universe in it’s infinite wisdom responds with more of the same. 

If you don’t like how that feels, realize your story is a past life lesson that you learned from—forgive, forget and let it go.  Think healing thoughts of your energy being restored naturally by being kind to yourself, realizing people can only take from us the energy we permit them to and that you are not any form of the representation of your painful stories.  Truly, you are not.  You are a bright, shining and sparkling soul.  You are in command of who you give energy too.  The things that you resist will persist in this area…so if you resist your hand in any part of your tale of woe (and we always have a part, big or small) the negative energy or tale will persist within you maintaining that vibration.  The way out is forgiveness…forgive yourself, forgive the person that may have hurt you and choose to let it go.  It’s only through these actions that you can change your vibration in a healthy way.  Think of surrounding yourself with kind and loving people or companions who will support your position in life and not attempt to take you down and you will change your vibration and attract those kinds of people to you.

If you want to think about it another way, we all have emotional baggage—the pain that we have suffered or delivered for one reason or another.  The more we own and identify with that baggage and carry it with us, the more our vibration and energy attracts more of the same level of negativity.  If you have noticed certain negative patterns and themes in your life (and they are there if you’ll be brave and courageous enough to look for them), chances are you are carrying emotional baggage.  The simple answer is as I stated above—forgive the other side/forgive yourself, forget what they did/you did and let it go. 

If you are asked questions about your past and you are sharing, restate the lessons learned in the positive.  Don’t tell the tale of woe but explain it as the life lesson it was, what you learned from the situation in the positive and try, if you can, to see the positive outcome of whatever it was that happened.  When you tell your tale in a positive light, you do not bring back the negative vibration of the time.  You keep yourself, your thoughts and your story “positive.”  When you can tell a positive story, you keep a higher vibration about you.  When you can tell your story with compassion for yourself as a loving soul, and the other parties involved in your story with compassion as loving souls, you maintain a higher vibration.

I’ve had some not very nice things happen in my life.  In fact, some would call them core-level emotionally disrupting things.  I would have agreed a year or two ago, but today I see my hand in my own undoing, my involvement, where I unwittingly gave my power away but more than all of that, I see the experiential value and life lesson learned.  I take that as an extreme positive and I hold compassion and forgiveness for myself and all parties involved in my various stories.  Because I allowed myself to forgive myself and forgive the other parties, I’ve allowed myself to forget the pain, the self-righteous indignation and betrayal feelings and I’ve let go of the experience in the same way I finished the 10th grade in high school, I’m now healed and whole.  My vibration won’t draw those kinds of lessons to me again.

Remember, you are not your story.  Your story is a limited perspective—yours, consider other possibilities, consider your actions, consider the fear, the worry and pain of other parties who may have hurt you.  People do only what they know how to do in any given moment and beautifully enough, we learn and grow and hopefully do things differently.  So, I challenge you today to think about the stories you not only tell others but the ones you tell yourself.  Are they positive?  If not, rewrite them in the positive!  You’ll change your vibration and really learn to live.  Life is a lot more joyful without carrying emotional baggage.
I hope you have a beautiful day.

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