Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Silvery Moon Light

I stood outside for the longest time in the moon light tonight.  The full moon was so bright and I could almost feel this gentle pulsing magical feeling as the rays of moon light touched my skin.  A quick glance to my right and my gorgeous tree is etched in silvery moon light...every blade of grass the same thing.  I was transfixed, mesmerized for a time it seems but the weight of the world always brings me back.  It's a busy time and the Universe wholeheartedly is supporting my self-imposed social solitary confinement.  It's no longer a voluntary choice but one the Universe has seen fit to impose upon me for a number of reasons.  So, rather than fight it, I'm going with it...accepting it as a temporary need that must be fulfilled.  Really, it's more like forcing me to hold to a commitment I made to myself...6 months of no dating!  LOL

So, wow, focus.  I'm focused on setting goals and manifesting my dreams in more of a spiritual manner.  So far, so good.  I've done my part and now must maintain focus, intent and positive thinking and belief that all will manifest as I have outlined.   Some things have happened.  I never thought I'd be a published author and yet I now have 4 books published on my website and available at lulu.com and amazon.com.  I've  begun to focus on some of my photography for print/sale and even a different type of book (Star Gazers - Coming Soon).  This creative desire is channeled in part by pain but through my creative endeavors, I'm not running from the pain or hiding from it...my creative works...writing and photography force me to deal with it.  I write about what I've gone through...I'll take a mood or a lesson and capture it with the lense of my camera.  It's interesting the inspiration that pain brings.  I'm very inspired just now and will stay that way as long as I maintain focus and hope.

Oh, such heavy thoughts for now.  I think I'll step back outside and say goodnight to the moon once more.  For some reason, this full moon feels magical...more so than any I've seen in a long time.  Maybe it's that I'm so grounded now, focused not on when I' might find the next relationship (destination) but focused on what I want out of life and how I get there each day (journey).  I'm present in this moment whether I use it to define pleasure or pain.  I strive for neutrality, equanimity, balance and serenity.  Happiness will come and go.  Sadness will come and go but if I maintain presence in the present, life feels like magic an a very ethereal way.

Blessings, healing and much love to you all.

(Photo above copyright, Jaie Hart 2009)

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