Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rules for Successful New Year's Resolutions

On Money: Do NOT focus on eradicating debt or being debt fee in 2010. With such thoughts the only vibration you’ll be sending out to the universe is send me “debt.” What do you think the universe will deliver? You guessed it, DEBT. Instead, be grateful for all the material things that you have, see your bank account expanding, SEE checks coming in the mail, SEE spending money in a state of joy and happiness. If you want a New Year’s resolution related to money, see a healthy, abundant and happy relationship with money as if you are in state of already having it.

On Love: Do NOT focus on being lonely and wanting a cure for loneliness. Do NOT focus on Love to cure you, rescue you or make you whole. Do NOT focus on asking the universe to bring you what you do not have. That feeling of loneliness, jealousy or lacking love will be the energy vibration you send out to the universe and what do you think the universe will deliver? You guessed it, more loneliness and feelings of lack. Instead, be grateful for the love you have within, the love of family and friends and for being a loving individual. When you truly love yourself and see yourself loved and fulfilled and feeling good about that, you are more in a state of already having it and you will actually draw that to you.

On Health: Do NOT focus on the pain and disease states that you are in. Such a focus will only reinforce your pain and diseased state. Instead, see yourself whole, healed and at ease rather than diseased. Keep your intent focused, feel it even if only in your mind and you will naturally draw to you more positive and healing energy.

On Work: If you are unemployed do not focus your intent or resolutions on what you do not have. Again, be grateful that employment and employment rewards come easy and frequently and hold those thoughts of satisfaction as if it is already happening. You will then send out more positive vibrations to bring you what you want.

On the Past: Don’t orient new resolutions and goals from a base of past pain. If you do, you will draw that very thing to you. For example, if you were married to an alcoholic and you vow never to date an alcoholic again—that focus on “alcoholic” will draw another one to you. Stop telling your past stories of love woes and pains—let them go and focus on gratitude for the wonderful things you have and are attracting to you and you can shift the vibration. Create new stories about what you’re going to do and do the thinking and feeling behind those thoughts only in the positive. You will then receive positive in return.

Focus in the positive on who and what you want to be, who and what you are. Know you can be and do anything you decide to as long as you believe in you.

My New Year’s resolution is to resolve to make no resolutions but rather to focus even more visually, and with more passion on my goals and dreams. The more you can do that in your own lives, the more you can draw those goals and dreams ever closer. Be open and ready to receive your dreams and never, ever give up hope no matter what may or may not happen.

Keep the Law of Attraction in mind—it’s real, your thoughts are that powerful so keep that in mind. This post most definitely and positively inspired by The Secret!!!!

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