Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mindful Healing Love

It is funny how quickly the ego can become engaged in reaction.  Believe me when I tell you I laugh at myself when I see my own triggered reactions.  Honestly, sometimes it takes a few moments of some serious talking to myself to get there but I always endeavor to get there so I can better understand what may be hiding in my own sub-conscious to work out pain wise.  It’s not an easy thing to do and it takes a fierce and fearless courage to do it but every one can if they are willing.

We are triggered into reaction for very good reason but I’ve learned something of late.  Perhaps it was something I always knew and used at least sometimes without thinking about it.  The simple act of refocusing on breathing and becoming extraordinarily mindful and quiet in a moment of challenge can return you quickly to a logical and calm place instead of a reacting, irrational and emotionally out of control place.

Are you one of those who always feels they can only think of something good to say after an argumentative encounter is over?  Well then, mindfulness breathing may be just the perfect thing for you.  You do not have to react or even answer forcefully expressed questions on the spot until you are good and ready to.  I would say that in an emotional and reactional frame, you are more likely to say something you didn’t mean undermining your own serenity in the process.  Giving yourself time to get straight concerning your own projections, expectations and emotions through the simple act of breathing can do much in terms of restoring your own equilibrium.  Then you can respond when necessary to address conflict with compassion and the fullness of your heart.  When you can find a way to let the heart lead the way, there is no remorse or regret to follow thus complicating already triggered emotions.

You see, we all either project or vomit our psychology onto everyone we meet.  It may be positive or it may be negative and that depends solely on you and what you are willing to become fully aware of from the inside out.  So, if you have become tired of a life of continual conflict, go within and start asking yourselves why you might have created a situation.  You do not have to ever become a victim of your creations.  Just stop and consider what they may be trying to teach you.  Good things like maybe you are good enough, smart enough and loving enough to be and exist in this world.  Just some food for thought as we ready for the new year beautiful dreamers.  

© 2015 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

You hold great powers within you for healing and transformation without doing ever a single thing but going within and reflecting by asking yourself some questions.  Be unafraid of the answers.  Be prepared to see them, to own them and to overcome them with healing love.  All it takes is your intent and consent.  How cool is that?

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