Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ethereal Consciousness


I thought I knew who and what I was
Until for a moment I wasn’t
I thought I knew where and when I existed
Until a moment I didn’t

I cannot suppose what my senses perceive
Is the ultimate and definitive truth of anything
For in one single moment was I shown
All that I thought I knew
Was merely a belief or a projection
A projection that could stop projecting

I am not who I thought I was
I am not what I thought I was
I am not always where I think I am
I don’t always exist as I think that I do

When I throw my senses away
When I throw my perceptions away
When I throw my beliefs away
When I throw my thoughts away

What am I other than, I am?
For if I can observe, I must at least exist
There is one thing and one thing only that comes to me now,
I am Ethereal Consciousness

For in Ethereal Consciousness belief isn’t necessary
And location is not required
A vehicle and time can both be rendered meaningless
As can be the senses and their related perceptions

Without accepting a paradigm of provisional truths
When everything I think I know
Is willfully given up in my thoughts
I still am

Therefore, I am
And so, I exist
I am Ethereal Consciousness
Even when I think I am not


Harter, J.L., Awakening from the Dream, 2014 The Ministry of Connected Consciousness, CA Print

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