Thursday, April 18, 2013

Believing in You

I was thinking today while walking outside in delicious and warm sunlight how amazing this world is.  It can seem a dark, treturous and dangerous place at times - turn the page - it can seem a bright, inspiring and beautiful place at times.  What changes our perception from dark to light or good and bad?  Is it really the actors in the outside world that hold so much power over us or is it merely our perception of whatever it is we may be experiencing?  How little do we understand the choices we make in this regard.  Always we lean towards our own thoughts as truth when we've not yet learned the art of separating assumptions not yet tested and perceptions in the absence of full valid knowing as truth. Without a moment's hesitation we attach our fears from all of our prior experiences assuming a thing is just so and rightly judged and yet, in truth, such an act at times may be so very far from truth.

Maybe it matters not so much what we choose but the effects of our choices.  There is no good or bad in this regard really but there are effects pleasant and some not so much.  What if we knew the key to the creation of these scenes and plays lay deep within the heart of our own thoughts?  How empowered might we then be to ascend the illusions that prevent our human progress in this space-time?  I guess we all must come to a place where the status quo within our own worldly experience becomes too painful to bear another day.  Then, we look up and out of the fog we have created in our thoughts and see others stepping away into the sunlight.  Maybe then we may want to go too once we transcend our first thoughts of envy disempowering us further.  Once we take accountability for the states of our minds, hearts and spirits, we then can fly.  It's not so mysterious a thing and yet the rewards of it always seem to be just out of reach for those lacking faith, trust and love in themselves.  The good news is that these things can be beautifully remedied by those souls who gain ground in treading the waters of courage and determination.  There is no thing you can not aspire to be in this world if you but choose your direction and go to it doing what you must to achieve success in your desired area of focus.

Limit your thoughts of self-doubt and lacking self-love.  Love you as if you were the most amazing, benevolent and masterful creature on the planet and then give that love away knowing it will be replaced through infinite universal supply.  Take the steps, take a deep breath and know your life can always be more than it is by carefully constructed use of tools you already have in your possession.  Thoughts and emotion, these things only you can ever truly control are the things that can always transform your life if you would but believe.  You can believe and you will achieve to the extent you put forth your effort in earnest to do so.  This world and your life is amazing.  You are amazing.  Now, go do amazing things believing in you.

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo, random and beautiful internet find)


  1. Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom Jaie..your blog is a nice place to stop by and receive wisdom, and to spend a while in contemplation on life!

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind words. I'm so very glad you stopped by. Sending smiles across the miles.