Monday, December 24, 2012

Sparks of Divinity

Alone in the stillness and peace of an early morning sanctuary - aka home. It's dark and still out but the coffee is noisily brewing generating a wonderfully warm aroma that sets my soul to smiling.  Outside a torrential rain falls and I find I am in a beautiful mood despite a slight fogginess of thought that seemed to come in with the rain.  Having a conversation with a friend this morning, I wanted to write about some thoughts that have been spinning wildly through my head lately. They're not representative of any new concepts at all but rather a series of truths that resonated so deeply within me I do not know where it began or when, if ever, they shall end. 

The thoughts are simply this...What if we made a conscious attempt to daily consider that every single soul we encounter before us is God/Goddess incarnate?  Not every soul realizes as yet that they are God/Goddess incarnate at least in some form or manner, but they are.  What if we decided, based on the God/Goddess within us, not to hold judgment for anyone or anything?  What if we decide not to judge or react to our pain?  What if we decide to allow free will and to always honor our own in speaking kindly in its defense when sometimes other souls forget that as a particle manifestation of God/Goddess they also should allow every soul to be and express it's free will?  How might the world change?  How might our perspectives change? Our unconscious battles to be right, to control, to take energy and light from others do nothing to bring us closer to the true love we seek inside.  The ego only allows us to think this illusion of winning is truth.  Those that win by circumventing the free will of others actually lose so much as do those who attempt to steal free will by forcing others to be what they want them to be rather than to accept and love them as they are.

We all seem to want people around us to be to us what we want them to be or we will withdraw our love.  We do not know how to love and accept them unconditionally and that is not to say that we should participate in unsavory behavior conducted in unaware states by others.  We can love and still choose not to participate.  Now, let's expand this thought a little bit more from the over-arching concept above - we've turned it outward, now let us turn it inward.  For all the times the little voice from the little mind kicks in from a judgmental landscape, realize that you too are part of God/Goddess incarnate.  How is the little voice from the little mind inside honoring the sacredness of you?  If it stands in self-judgment, it is not loving and honoring you and even though the little voice from the little mind comes from within you, that does not lend to it a validity and truthfulness that one might think it does.  So, what if when the little voice from the little mind starts its judging, criticizing, controlling and fighting to steal energy from others, or attempts to be right at all costs -- you -- the bright and beautiful soul of you stands not in judgement but in full understanding?

If you treated the little voice and little mind as if it were a mere tiny child learning in a really big world, how might you experience things differently?  You would not punish a little child for lacking understanding and exploring and learning in a really big world would you?  Wouldn't you seek to gently guide it through challenges so it would learn?  We might be better met with much success if we did not fight the little voice from the little mind within and instead we let it think its thoughts without attaching further judgment or criticism to it.  What if we just observe and notice its ramblings, the pain it seems to want to be in and we did nothing but seek deeper connection to feeling our own bodies and souls along with our connection to nature and every other soul around us?  If you could take this approach, consider how much your world could change with one tiny shift of your perception and understanding?  It's possible this approach could change your experience of this world in a very big and positively impactful way.  There are times you can silence that little voice from the little mind by digging deeper into the infinite well of love within the heart of your soul.  As you dwell there, the fearful little voice cannot instigate any control or action and when it sees it is not in control, it eventually will be silent and you will have learned to listen to greater, more loving and important things.

I believe that there is a spark of divinity within each of us and as such, each soul is deserving of honor, integrity, respect and love - including the self.  What if we shifted our conscious thoughts and energy to this end in appreciation for unity rather than the competition of best or better than?  Imagine the beauty of the energy that would then flow more freely between us all.  Yes, I am a dreamer and leave me this dream of a concept for I hope that I might one day see it in action much more than I do now.  Goals and dreams are those things we strive for and for good reason.  What we put into this world, we get out of it.  If we cause pain - we will receive pain.  If we cause comfort - we will receive comfort.  If we love - we will receive love.  Instant Karma - so-to-speak.  Just some food for thought for now. 

You are all truly blessed in so many ways.  I hope that you know - that you always know.

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