Thursday, December 13, 2012

Morning's Mental Meanderings

 I cannot abide by the limited view that this world holds of me.  I am not what I am judged to be by those who would judge me whether favorably or not.  I may misstep or not as I make my way through this life but I will be, regardless, all that I am for no one's pleasure but my own.  That is not to say that I do not care and that I do not love for I do both for all and deeply so.  I refuse to participate in dramatic plays because I do not wish to spend energy there.  I wish to save my energy to foster and facilitate stories and dreams revolving only around love and peace or harmony.  That is my choice and woe to the soul who attempts to usurp my free will and make it his or her own.  I will not suffer, nor will I lift a hand in vengeance but it is they who will render themselves to a place of great suffering in the very attempt of disrespecting the free will of another.

I respect all paths and those who walk the paths regardless of how they walk them.  I wish this world nothing but love, light, hope, bounty, joy, harmony and bliss.  I wish it because of love and for those of you who wish me ill, may God bless you and for those who wish me well, may God bless you.  There is no need for competition, for envy, for hatred nor emotional destruction for each and every soul already has those things they most desire and require.  There is never any victory in tearing down another to lift one's self up...the lifting up in such actions is only an illusion and truth be told, such actions reduce a soul to madness, insanity, depression and worse things in this world.  The illusions of the small mind are rampant and plentiful but to those open to the truth, open to love and open to hope, all will be revealed in due time.  Although everything is perfect as it occurs for good or ill,  I stand here a soul who wishes only to hold up the light for those who wish to see, to see from time to time for no other reason than it pleases me to do so.  I am nothing and no one, everyone and everything for the Source in me is the Source in everyone and everything.  Let all illusion shatter before you and embrace the loving light of resonating truth within you. ~Blessings for a beautiful dream precious dreamers.  You are so loved.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate random internet find)

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