Friday, December 7, 2012


It's amazing how good classical music goes with a glass of deep red wine. After a long week existing with a mental focus in the world we commonly refer to as life on planet Earth, I'm grateful for this amazingly peaceful moment.  For long moments on end have I embraced the pure silence and stillness that has become a part of my every day in some way.  It's beautiful even if, I'll be honest, I'm not always quite certain what it is that I should do with it.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade this for all of the drama in the world but sometimes the quiet moments get quietest before the surges and uproars begin.  I know, I know - don't project!  I'm not projecting. I am responding as any normal human being would when so conditioned in such a way for any length of time.  However, I am not entirely normal and so, I won't stay with this thought more than a moment.  I'm just making observations among my own thoughts that I suddenly see with crisp clarity.

So, speaking of clarity, I see that I have created quite the sudden dichotomy of my Earthly dream-time experience to contemplate and so I shall do just that, contemplate it but not just with my mind.  I wish to feel it with my physical body, my etheric body and my spirit.  I want to know this peace so intimately that nothing and I mean nothing can ever separate me from it...and, well, right now "it" is me.  Thank you (looks  up smiling).  For twenty years, it seems, I've had one long roller coaster ride after another and I smile so deeply because it was such great fun - all of it.  Even the tears interspersed with laughter and wonder...well, wonder...I love that word right now.  There is much that I "wonder" about but there are many things I no longer have to wonder about.  I used to wonder if there was peace for anyone in this universe. Today I know the answer is unequivocally, Yes!  Infinitely Yes! And even Absolutely, Yes!  I used to wonder what love felt like - the real kind that was above and beyond mere reciprocal narcissism - oh, the mutual exchange of flattery has it's place from time to time - just don't live for that, is my motto and life seems to go quite well for me.  I'm talking about the kind of love that has no source-apparent...the kind that comes in with abandon and abundance the moment you stop your own chaotic thoughts and machinations and just breathe in the pure light of love. 

I think a walk underneath the beautiful stars may suit me just now.  There is something about the vast expanse of night time sky that fuels my thoughts and emotions in a seemingly magical way.  So, well then, I'll be off to it.  I hope that where ever you are and what ever it is you may be doing that you find the beautiful peace that exists in this life and are wrapped gently in the beautiful, pure and pristine love that exists in this amazing universe, multi-verse, omniverse. ~Blessings of love, light and, of course, great peace.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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