Sunday, December 11, 2011

Red Balloon

What person or situation on this Earth has hurt you the most? Are you ready and willing to be free of the pain of it? Just decide to forgive self for allowing pain to occur and then forgive any other persons involved.  Please understand that this concept does not mean that you reconcile with the people involved and forgiveness means you allow them back into your life to hurt if you have discerned this is not appropriate for you. Quite the contrary. You must love self enough to hold appropriate boundaries with those who have hurt you. If you continue to carry the wounds and the pain, it will be so very difficult for you to grow in this life and find true love and happiness within you. Forgive them not for their sake but for your own in order that you free yourself from the burden of anger and wounding. Know that all interactions have purpose, even painful ones. Seek higher understanding of what transpired, focus on what YOU may have learned about you.  Try to understand that holding pain and negativity to you will always have an undesired energetic consequence in that what you hold focus on, you will draw to you. If you don't like how that sounds or you do not want that, please consider reading yourself to fully let go. 
ACTION:  Take a deep breath and say these words as often as you need to focusing on the person or persons involved in a scene or event that wounded you: "I forgive you, I forgive me on this plane and all others through all time and all dimensions and I now let this go. If you need a visual to reinforce your actions then imagine taking all your pain and anger from the situation, individual or individuals and stuffing that anger and pain into a big bright red helium balloon. Once you are certain it is full, breathe in deep and see yourself tying a string around the bottom to keep anything from coming out of the balloon, hold the string in your hand and as you visualize the string and the balloon, know that you alone have the power to hold the string or to let it go.  Now, let it go. As you watch the balloon gently float away, allow your pain, anger and sadness to be completely transformed into peace, love and serenity.  Even if you don't feel it right away, try to imagine these sensations.  
We cannot fix the negative effects in our lives if we do not do the work to get at the causes...knowing we cannot control others and we can only control what we do, say, think and feel will help us resolve negative effects much more constructively.  Be willing.  Be courageous.  You can do this. ~blessings of love, light and healing!

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