Monday, December 19, 2011

Disengage from the Fear Machines

Lately, I find myself incredibly frustrated by the fear machine rising now in every faction. Its so subtle but if you dig deep you see how it has permeated everything. I cannot engage in stirring up the fear and presenting the shock and horror in this world - it exists and in great abundance. Religion has no safe harbor. Politics and laws have no safe harbor. Media provides no escape. Even water cooler conversation is rife with fear, worry, hatred and mistrust. I could jump on the band wagon of let it all fall apart - believe me that's where I lean just now but then something else occurs to me...with all of these mini greed factions hiding in religion, hiding behind carefully crafted words so artfully portrayed by every other faction to strum our heart strings I find there isn't much left to believe in. We cannot stand idly by and its so damn hard to know the real truth when you're looking out into the world with jaded perceptions shaped by the very things that created this mess. I could complain and get angry, I could instigate riots and revolts but if I did, what better option could I proffer? Fixing something so horribly broken with more of the broken same thoughts does not seem like an answer to me. Maybe I'm naieve to think as I do and maybe I'm just too uneducated to have any answers. The only thing that I'm certain of is that we are by far better than this and yet we act like lifeless, limbless and spineless creatures crawling in the mud sometimes and it makes me want to cry. But I can't bring myself to do that either. I cannot stand behind any of the existing factions so I'll do the only thing I have the power to do and change how I view it. I'll change how I interact with it. I'll work harder to show this world more love and light. I'll learn to breathe slowly, think more clearly and act only on the truth...and I can't know the truth from listening to anyone else...only what is in my heart. So, I'll go within and seek to understand why, why we tear each other part, why we seek to destroy this beautiful world with such thoughtless abandon...there must be a reason.

(c) 2011 (photo, random but beautiful internet find)

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