Saturday, December 17, 2011

Enemy Within

It's amazing to me to see all of the misguided, self-righteous indignation out in this world over nothing but illusion.  It's even more amazing to see very troubled souls out their claiming to do God's work while shredding and attempting to destroy individuals certain souls have decided are bad or wrong.  The thing is, Source sees every single thing every single soul does....every single thought souls think...every lie, every blow thrown, every injury inflicted with malicious intent and every piece of destruction in the wake of everyone of these very hurtful and misguided souls.  God needs no man to do His bidding.  God appoints no man as judge, jury and persecutor of souls.  Only misguided tragically wounded souls assume such a role that seeks to prevent free will and destroy love through fear, witch hunts and the weaving of grandiose illusions of enemies stemming from the the darkness and wounds in their own hearts.
If any soul wishes to engage in a truly good battle and one really worthy of its efforts, battle the enemy within  -- the one that sees only enemies, attack and strife without. Your judgements of this world and the individuals in it are not needed. Your discernment within self, is required. Seek to understand the chasm of difference between these two options. Learn to see true love and light for what it is instead of seeing your own darkness projected out into this world. Understand cause and effect in your own life before fixating on others in this planet.  Only then can you bring about true right action, right thought and positive change in this world which will ultimately bring a soul closer to Source, true love and light.  Change starts within the self. ~Blessings of infinite love, light and healing to every soul on this planet.

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