Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Truth, Love and Light

·        We are neither made greater nor lesser by the words and beliefs of man-kind. We are soul, love and light and need know nothing more. Trust only the truth that lives and breathes deep inside of you in that precious place where you are one with the Source. Be love and light, see only love and light and the let the shadows fall where they may.  Stand tall and hold your head comforted in knowing that your free will allows you to demonstrate love by your loving actions. The words and  actions you choose to employ, show the whole wide world the truth about who and what you really are. Worry not about gossip and slander, they mean nothing. Do not engage in propagating gossip and slander to keep your soul from being mired in darkness forever. Focus on the love, focus on the light and feel every beautiful breath of existence no matter what. ~Blessings dear souls!

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