Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Breathe and be Peaceful

Heaven help us, this life can be hard! With all of these ego's smashing into each other repeatedly, blaming, attacking, short-changing, taking advantage of, disregarding, hurting on purpose, hurting on accident, slights and perceptions...UUUUGGGHHH! It doesn't have to ruin your day but sometimes it does. When it seems like the world is trying to stir you up and is seemingly succeeding, there isn't much you can do from the outside-in but there is a lot you can do from the inside-out.

I believe we have an infinite supply of love and energy from our Source, Creator if you will. Love is an amazing energy source. It's hard to feel it when we turn our back on it by getting our egos engaged in a war of "better than" or "tit for tat." But, if you disengage, even when you don't want to, you might start to just feel pain and that's okay, let it hit. It won't last forever and then you can forget about the outside world, sit with your thoughts and just tap into the Source instead. It's not hard all the time, just when the ego is not preoccupied with scheming to make you seem separate and different from anyone and everyone else. Take up meditation, yoga, exercise, walking or anything else that gets you outside. It's a great diversion until the ego can disengage and you can start remembering your strength, your own self-love (despite your seeming mistakes, foibles or what have you).

While the world can be an incredibly scary and hurtful place sometimes, you are always surrounded and protected. There is a beautiful source of love inside of you that you can tap into whenever you want, whenever you're ready. If you're having a hard time, forget about yourself for a minute and go help a perfect stranger, grab a can off the top shelf for someone who can't reach at the store, compliment someone's hair or shoes, smile at a stranger and wish them love and peace without saying a word. You'll then start the love flowing again and it will fill you up, energize you and prepare you to wake up and take another step in this crazy mixed up world.

Breathe and be peaceful.


(c) words-2008/photo 2011 Jaie Hart

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