Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mirror Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall…
I thought I knew the reflection staring back at me.
It seems though lately,
That I don’t know her at all.

I’ve taken her for granted all of these years.
I’ve watched the struggle from a different vantage point.
I’ve seen the joys and disappointments,
But I’ve never really seen me.

Lately it seems that all I’ve known of me…
Is what the world has reflected back to me.
I’ve had my life filled with too much pain…
And in my reflection it now shows.

But as I stand here and stare a little longer,
The face seems to fade and I see something else.
I start to see the soul…
The spirit behind the façade.

I see strength.
I see kindness.
I see wisdom and eternal youth.
I see a still hopeful teacher and student of life.

As I focus back in I see the lines around the eyes.
For a moment I’m anxious…
But then I’m at peace.
Each line represents the laughter I’ve had.

I then notice the tiny little streaks of white hair.
And again, for a moment, I’m anxious…
But then slowly, again, I’m at peace.
Each tiny gray hair is a lesson I learned and won’t have to repeat.

I see from one perspective my once smooth skin,
Now filled with spots and a weakening radiance of youth.
Again, a slight pang of worry…
But then I recall that I’ve had my morning of youth.

I’ve now earned the right to ascend to midlife.
I’ve earned the wings that raise me up.
I’m a mother, a boss, a friend and simply a soul who cares.
All of these things …bring more joy than the tears of yesterday.

No longer am I the willful child…
Continually knocked to the ground,
Who struggled to stand too soon…
And begin to run from myself again.

I’ve gained the wisdom to know…
That when life knocks you down again and again,
It’s sometimes better to stay down for a time…
Take a look at the world from your new perspective.

Then slowly rise when you’re truly ready,
When you know the time is right to dust yourself off,
Forget the path you were on before…
And then carefully choose a brighter direction.

It’s not obvious in my reflection,
But I’m no longer the wounded child from yesterday.
Nor am I the aging soul of tomorrow…
Today I am simply present.

With all of my worries,
With all of my joys,
With all of my faults and foibles,
I’m proud of who I have become.

My reflection doesn’t frighten me any more,
Because I have some how learned to love what I see…
To love what can’t be seen by those in the outside world…
To accept me for me regardless of what others think.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Thank you for showing me the truth…
Thank you for showing me who I really am…
Thank God, I can finally see.

(c) 8/2007 Jaie Hart (Photo and words)

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