Sunday, August 28, 2011

Light Worker's Call to Action

So many of you out there are doing your daily thing and creating much love and light in this world and it is with deepest gratitude I think of you.  Many others may feel a call and yet are feeling unsure of what they can do to lend more love and light to this world. I'll tell you that it does not take much effort to bring positive thoughts into focus on any area you choose.  Simply imagine where you wish to bring more love and light.  Focus your efforts and attention to the hearts and souls of mankind here on this planet.  Hold a space of love and light for others to reconnect with the love within, to begin to remember who they really are and begin to take on greater understanding of this world and each soul's purpose in it.  You need do nothing more.  If you feel called to certain purposes in an effort to create good, healing, love and light, by all means do so.  Just remember that free will must remain in focus also.  It is not up to us to force people into the light or "right thinking."  Each must make his or her own decisions about what they will and won't do.  As light worker's collectively, we can create a huge grid of energy across the planet that is positively charged that will help others awaken, to right their thinking, right their actions, to heal and begin to understand there actions and to change them.  Send up your prayers for love, compassion and understanding across the globe for the millions who remain asleep...unaware of the harm they cause themselves and this world.  While we may not be able to force a single soul to do the right thing, we can create an energy dynamic that will facilitate awakening.  This facilitation of awakening has been going on for a very long time.  We can thank the efforts of the light workers that came before us for creating a space of love and light for us to awaken.  The energy across the planet is strong and we can make it stronger.  We must remember how very powerful we really are and know without a single doubt that we have the power to change the environment, to allow for more healing and more peace.  Call upon your God, Goddess, Source, whatever...for strength to deal with the things that will come, the grace to respond with love and light and the compassion to hold for those still sleeping instead of anger or frustration.

Your jobs are not easy ones and your efforts are appreciated.  Know that in every time in existence, people felt like we do...that evolution brings us many gifts and also curses and that there are many times there is little we can physically do.  Many people worried which added more fear to their environs.  We need not follow in those particular foot steps.  Love is the most powerful tool in this universe.  It can create spontaneous healing, spontaneous recovery and spontaneous change for those open to its power.  Love cannot be wielded incorrectly ever.  The truth is that the inauthentic will have choices to make:  Heal and grow or propagate more fear.  Love, when allowed deep into our cores, brings us healing, peace and so much more...Love allows us to see the truth, to feel the truth and to live the truth. Love will always be your sword of truth, use it often, gently and peacefully.

Be strong in your convictions to bring about a better condition for both the inhabitants of this planet and the planet herself.  Seek understanding of the lessons you face and do not become disheartened by what you see or experience.  Stay close to the love and the light and those who share your passions.  They will lend you strength when the tough life lessons come. In love and in light, brightest blessings to you all.

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