Saturday, April 11, 2009


Days of sun and laughter,
Nights of darkness and tears,
But through it all...
I still find life amazing.

Simple much of the time...
Complex and intricate at others,
A constant and continuous
Juxtaposition or maybe dichotomy.

Sometimes I feel quick like lightning,
Powerful like thunder,
Delicate like a butterfly's wings,
Strong and yet flexible like a tree moving in a strong breeze.

No matter what I face,
These emotions hum constantly in the background...
From worries and fears...
But yet hopes and dreams are there too.

When life gets too hard,
I break a little and I might falter,
But always I seem to right myself,
And continue the journey.

"Nothing stays the same"
Used to be a statement that scared me.
But now that I've grown older and maybe a little wiser,
I appreciate that statement for the blessing it really is.

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