Monday, April 27, 2009

Empty Minded

It’s cold in here
I wish I had one ray of sunlight
If I think really hard
I can remember rainbows
I reach out into the dark
I come back empty minded
Wishing for something to hold onto
But there is nothing and no one here
Just me
This night will be long
Dreamless fitful sleep
Tomorrow maybe the confusion will end
I’ll find that ray of sunlight I’ve been searching for
Or better yet
I’ll hear the tune of a mocking bird
That would be perfect
Or butterflies in flight
And I’ll remember these worries mean nothing at all
In the larger scheme of things
This moment will be a heartbeat and gone
And the next will come, my cells a second older
And maybe I won’t care as much as I do right now
Because I’ll find the love within is enough

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