Sunday, July 9, 2017

Breathe - Become Aware - That's It

I woke up to a cloudy sky this morning.  That might not seem like much but after 90 degree temps for a few days, you begin to truly appreciate clouds.  The clouds mean cooler temperatures, at least for the moment.  The sun is shining casting a hazy diffused light over everything in this moment and I’m finding myself incredibly grateful.

The energy of late has been so very powerful.  When you are sensitive to energy, there are just things that you notice.  With great curiosity do I let my mind reach for whatever it is that is tapping me on the shoulder with an, “I’m here” sort of vibe.  “Cool,” I think.  The energy is a comfort, much like these beautiful clouds keeping the temperature a bit more comfortable this morning.

I’m sipping coffee, fan on, windows wide open just listening to the birds sing.  They are creating a gentle symphony of natur-ific sound this morning and it sets off this feeling of joy from deep within my soul.  To be able to feel this and write about this just now is no less than a miracle for me.  A miracle I’m beyond grateful to experience.  There is just this beautiful sense of connection in this moment that I had to share it.  I hope as you read these words, you can feel it too.

I’m going to run off and just be for a few moments but as I sat here, I had to share this idea, this concept of just noticing my surrounds fully with all of my senses while simply breathing.  This act, this ability is a balm to any weary soul.  It’s hard to shake off the perceptional filters sometimes but, the breath is the key, awareness of the breath while experiencing this is the opening door and the calm, beautiful peace of it is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  These moments should not be missed.  These moments are so rare and precious and do you know what the truly beautiful part is?  You need only close your eyes, breathe, be curiously aware without attaching any expectation or emotion to the moment to experience it.  That means, this can go with you no matter where you are.  Busy traffic-filled street – Breathe – Notice – Become Aware.  Hectic day sitting in your office chair -  Breathe – Notice – Become Aware.  Challenging discussion – Breathe – Notice – Become Aware.  Quiet stroll – Breathe – Notice – Become Aware.  Sipping coffee on a hot morning – Breathe – Notice – Become Aware.  You can take this with you.  Won’t you take this with you?  Wouldn’t you like to?  Great!  It’s settled!  Have a fabulous stretch of beautiful moments of breathing awareness.

© 2017 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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