Saturday, January 24, 2015

Just Be It!

How on Earth
Does a Rebellious Conformist
Realistic Optimist exist in harmony
With all that is?
Bitter are the years
Of attempting to try.
Nearly half a century now
With much learning on the way.
“It’s time to make a choice,” says the heart.
“You better be careful" says the voice in my head.
“Never mind either of you,” says the voice of my spirit
That cries out wanting to finally be heard!
I cannot be politically correct all the time.
It never keeps me from conflict anyway.
It's best I think to be more authentic,
Let the world see me for who I am,
And whether I am loved or detested,
I know how to stand in my own light.
I do know how to stand in my own truth.
When you can feel this just as I do,
You’ll then find something so wonderful...
A quiet moment of being reveals itself.
One can and should hold their own space in this space-time,
For what other space could a soul truly hold
Of any lasting significance to the spirit?
Never mind the insanities spouting your improprieties!
Never mind the insecurities touting your wrongs!
Just go and be as free as the breeze
Beholden to no man’s idea of who you are!
That is a subject only known by you and your Maker
And it’s time you finally discovered THIS truth!
Forget the books and people that tell you how to be all you can be.
You already know the way there.
You don’t even need a map,
It's written beautifully in your DNA.
Just do it and be it the rest of your days!
Just be it!

Copyright 2015, J.L. Harter

Photo:  NASA

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