Monday, September 1, 2014

Rays of the Light of the Sun

Imagine, if you will, the sun…bright beautiful light with rays spilling all about in every direction.  Remember as a child, you might have liked to draw it with your yellow and orange crayons, paint it or just sit on the grass and feel it.  Consider for a moment the sun, not as a bright continually combusting and radiating star but a metaphor for our Conscious existence.  Think about it and consider the saying, “We are all one.”  Go back now, imagine the sun as if it were the ultimate Big “C” Consciousness radiating in all of its glory.  Consider now for a moment, each of us tiny humans with our little “c” consciousness…The microcosm of the Macrocosm.  We are each like a ray of the Sun’s light.  We emanate from the same Source and we travel and move – Consciousness in Motion! 

It is a simple metaphor but you can pick any other as you may choose – branches of a tree, rain drops and the ocean.  It doesn’t really matter how you choose to consider it as much as it matters that you do consider it.  Because, until you do, you may go on in your lives not understanding or realizing the impact you have on the Whole.  You are a bright and beautiful part of the Whole, traveling outward, experiencing Consciousness in motion from the Source Consciousness of our Origins.  We are not small egoic only, self-serving, narcissistic humans.  We may at times behave in ways incongruent with that statement but that is only behavior and can be relegated to malware installed in the consciousness operating system.  We are more than that, all of us, despite how we engage here with our consciousness.  We are rare and precious, driving always to persevere, that drive to go, that impetus to reach and grow.  We are amazing and we don’t even know what we are.  We just live day in and day out never giving it a thought.  

It’s okay, really.  You don’t have to think about it but if you did, if you realized what it is you truly are, how might you perceive things and respond or react differently to all that you see and experience?  If you knew the stranger before you was in fact your brother or sister, traveling just like you are, would you be so quick to judge or to cause harm?  Would you have the strength of spirit to strive more towards inquiry than belief alone?  You could if you so chose or you could not if you so chose.  Free will dictates you can do as you see fit here in this realm including the violation of the law of Free will if you wanted.  In the end, it’s mostly you that suffers the fate of that violation because in violating another’s Free will, you violate your own. 

Going back to the metaphor of human beings existing as beautiful rays of light from the Sun, we all shine.  We cannot shine more by going after or attempting to merge with or thwart the other shinning rays you encounter on your Conscious journey.  It just doesn’t work like that.  What helps you to shine ever more brightly is the realization that you are a star, your light is bright and when you appreciate just how much this is so, you keep your own light pure, pristine and sparkling as you journey encouraging the fellow rays (humans) to keep on shinning, keep on traveling in the light.  Even if you meet with dark and ominous storm clouds on some strange planet you’ve no idea how you encountered, you are still a beautiful ray of light, energy and Consciousness that never dies.  Your light and energy cannot ever be extinguished, only transformed.

Did you know you could transform even now?  Did you know that you could awaken to the myriad of choices before you in every 3rd dimensional breathing moment you exist here right now?  So many choices have you and despite how you may feel in a moment, never are you alone--millions upon billions and trillions of rays of light emanate from the Sun of which I speak.  We reach and shine, that’s just what we do…it’s what We do.  So, do what you were meant to do at the moment of your choosing and just shine…shine like the Sun…be the bright and beautiful Consciousness that you are just because you can.

© 2014 J.L. Harter (photo, fortunate random Google Image find)

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