Sunday, August 3, 2014

More Books Out!!! See Below for Info!!!!!

I've got a few new books out.  The following work is published and available right now.  The rest are in final proof stage and due out any day now!  I'm so excited.

The Impact of Reincarnation on Health and Well-Being is the first in a 3 part series of explorations into different aspects of consciousness.  You can order this work from now!!!!

The Ego is the Veil is the second in my series exploring the various aspects of consciousness. 

Solving for X - Understanding Your Life's Theme and Purpose is the final book in my series exploring consciousness and how to discern and understand your life's purpose.

So It's Over.  Now What? is a book I wrote to guide those facing the ending of a relationship and some suggestions for facing the emotion head on from a spiritual and metaphysical perspective to help bring the readers to a better place where healing can be achieved.

For the poetic at heart, the next one to hit the shelves is a collection of all 4 of my poetry books in one Special Edition.  This edition includes some new works added into the initial works.  This book is truly representative of an interesting journey for me that took a few years (times a few years).  If you're familiar with my poetry, then you know it's all about life lessons at various stages of learning.

A couple more items are in the works to assist with training on Consciousness/Understanding Your Life's Purpose.  A 3-1 of my Consciousness Series is due out soon along with a workbook (I will be teaching some classes through The Ministry of Connected Consciousness very soon).  The book below is in the final editing stages with its companion workbook due out soon.

And for the Kindle fans, they'll be up shortly at the Amazon Kindle Store!

Blessings of love and light!

Rev. J.L. Harter (Jaie Hart)

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