Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Healing Matters

The wounded ego in hiding believes that it is made better by pointing out the shortcomings in others, in blame and in taking even a small measure of pleasure in someone else's pain.  The wounded ego in hiding does not know that in any statements or actions it takes to expose others, it only broadcasts to the world how wounded it truly is.  Wounded individuals do not deserve admonishment and being given the same medicine that created their wounds to begin with.  Any such actions only serve to reinforce the original wounds they suffered.  What they need is compassion and understanding.  What they need is for others to refuse to participate in any form of psycho-drama.  I find silence is often a valuable tool and my sentiments were so perfectly echoed by a dear friend this morning.  For a very personal reason, this topic is so very near and dear to me.  Any followers of my blog over time can attest to this topic being written about in different ways over time.

My motive is not one of exposure myself, but one of underscoring the true importance of finding those consequences of actions and seeing them for the message they are that internal healing is needed.  Those who criticize constantly, criticize themselves worst of all.  They may lie and say that is untrue but that is only because of a dire need to protect a very gentle, sensitive and wounded heart...or, in some cases, a soul unable to feel at all for other reasons.  In either case, adding more insult to injury does nothing but embroil one in negative energy and that does not promote any form of satisfactory or long-lasting happiness.  To discover those very sensitive wounds inside of us, where ever they may exist, is truly a blessing in disguise even if it doesn't feel like it.  When you see evidence of pain in you by the continual negative consequences of your actions, blaming the world, God, the Government, your Mother, Father, Sister or Brother or what-ever,  will do nothing to heal you.

It is okay to be wounded.  It happens to us all and there is no shame in suffering emotional pain.  Seeing it and seeking to heal it to prevent further damage to self or others is of the utmost importance.  If we cannot become aware of our wounds, seek out their true source, the true message those wounds bring to us and seek healing, we are doomed to remain asleep at the wheel of our lives.  This is tremendously sad and disheartening for so many...even innocent by-standers are affected.

Its a truly challenging part of our existence in this world - to deal with the pain we have suffered, the pain that has been inflicted by unaware souls.  It truly is tragic in many regards.  But, as Pollyanna-ish as it might sound, I truly believe that through education, understanding and compassion, we can all contribute to the healing of these wounds that seem to run rampant in humanity.  It takes only a moment of understanding to refuse to engage with a wounded soul in a way that might further their pain and only cause you more.  Realize that we all have a choice to make.  We can co-create in this world in a loving way with our Creator or we can rail against this world and the Source in tragic blame, shame, guilt, violence and much, much, much suffering.  The choice is ours and the sooner we all realize that it is, in fact, a choice, the sooner we can get on with the healing that needs to occur.

My heart goes out to every single soul who is mortally emotionally wounded and I pray every single day that the light of Source might find them and encourage them to seek solace in the loving light integrated into the wholeness of their being.  It is there whether acknowledged or not.  Some might say this is an absolute waste of my time and energy but I do not care.  Emotional wounds do nothing but inflict more pain in this world and too many souls in pain will only create more pain and more suffering for all to contend with.  Rather than bring myself to hate the hurtful, I instead send them only love.  I will not feed self-hatred.  I will not choose to perpetuate the problem.  I will seek to understand even if my own ego thinks it ought to engage and defend.  I will fight for understanding and compassion.  It's a hard road but a high road to take and no matter the result and no matter if people hate or despise me, I cannot contribute to their hatred with in-kind responses.  Mind you that it would be ill-advised to continually stand in arm's reach of those who feel the need to take a swing at you.  Sometimes, we have no choice but to love from afar.  Becoming angry and further wounded by souls who really don't mean you any harm intentionally, who truly do not know the harm they do or even those who do and don't care, makes no sense.  You do not have to engage in the hatred and negative energy that such souls create.  It doesn't help.  Remove yourself to a better state of understanding and in some cases, distant proximity.  I do not suggest excusing or accepting bad behavior in any regard.  Quite the contrary.  I suggest understanding and always personal boundaries.  There is no requirement that we choose to be human sacrifices of the mortally emotionally wounded.  Get to safety both emotionally or physically but do not engage in the darkness of hurtful thoughts.  If anything is truly evil in this world it is the blind hatred of the wounded and those who seek to retaliate in a complete lack of understanding.  Just my thoughts to share. ~Blessings beautiful dreamers for greater understanding, compassion and healing.  So be it!

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo, beautiful internet find)

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